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Sunday Times Driving's most read 2014

IT SEEMS that videos of people throwing buckets of iced water over themselves wasn’t the only thing attracting your attention this year, as millions flocked to driving.co.uk to read the latest news, features, advice and reviews from the biggest names in motoring (and maybe shop for a used car, of course).

Below is a collection of the most popular stories from Driving this year. Take a trip down memory lane, come over a little dewy-eyed … and then brace yourself for an action-packed 2015.




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Horsecam will catch out overeager drivers

Horse tail camera on gizapaw.co.uk

Published May 5, 2014

Vulnerable horse riders turned to tail-mounted cameras to catch aggressive motorists in the act this year. The system’s inventor, David Daly, received 50 orders in the first week.

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The Sunday Times Rich List reveals wealthiest Brits in motoring

2014 Sunday Times Rich List - Britain's richest people in motoring

Published May 16, 2014

Bernie Ecclestone once again topped the charts, with a family net worth of £3bn. But the remainder of the list provides some surprises.

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Police to give motorcyclists lesson they won’t forget with Ariel Atom pursuit car

Atom feat image

Published June 3, 2014

Somerset and Avon police took delivery of one of the world’s fastest-accelerating cars in order to ‘educate’ speedy motorcyclists.

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Ex-Nasa scientist seeks development cash for giant car-juggling robot

Nasa's juggling robot

Published July 3, 2014

There are madcap crowdfunded projects, and then there is this: a £1.5m robot capable of juggling cars. Yes, you read that right.

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UAE tops league table for world’s best roads

UAE tops league table for world’s best roads

Published September 8, 2014

Fans of smooth, free-flowing blacktop should head to the UAE for the best drives, says the World Economic Forum.

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Chinese lookalike too close for comfort, says Land Rover

Landwind X7

Published November 24, 2014

Land Rover takes legal action against the Chinese company responsible for this Range Rover Evoque doppelganger, the Landwind X7

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Shropshire garage is best for fuel prices

David Roberts: Shropshire garage thought to be best in UK for fuel prices

Published December 15, 2014

When you need to fill up, it pays to head to the DA Roberts garage at Grindley Brook, near Whitchurch. The owner, David Roberts, explains how he can undercut the supermarkets.

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British holidaymakers warned as France cracks down on speeders

Rules for driving in France

Published June 23, 2014

Driving spends a day with the French gendarmes as they dish out fines to speeding British drivers.

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Twin test: VW Golf GTI v Golf R

Volkswagen Golf R vs Golf GTI

Published April 4, 2014

Two mighty Golfs pitched against each other, but which will emerge victorious? Click to find out.

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How’s my driving? It was fine when I was F1 champion

Jody Schekter: How's my driving? It was fine when i was f1 champ (speed awareness course)

Published September 22, 2014

Jody Scheckter speaks frankly about his experience of a speed awareness course in a
no-holds-barred account.

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Top 100 Cars 2014

Top 100 cars 2014 sunday times clarkson introduction

Published October 26, 2014

Jeremy Clarkson introduces Driving’s best cars of 2014. Can you guess what sits in the top spot?

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Guy Martin on his Volvo: the fastest car in Britain

Guy Martin's 1967 Volvo custom car

Published October 15, 2014

Guy Martin, the man addicted to speed, gave up his Aston Martin V12 Vantage in pursuit of something much faster… a 1967 Volvo Vöx.

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On the road with the police-detecting Blue Eye device

Target Blu-Eye police detector

Published October 22, 2014

Driving gets to grips with a small dashboard-mounted display that can detect the presence of police. It’s fair to say the cops aren’t happy about it.

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V8 milk float and 2000hp quarry truck burn rubber

V8 milk float and 2000hp quarry truck burn rubber

Published May 15, 2014

Watch Little (a milk float) and Large (a quarry truck) burn rubber and cause mayhem in these eye-opening clips.

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Michael Owen exclusive: the footballer on his favourite cars

Michael Owen

Published August 22, 2014

The football wizard picks a Rover 1.8-litre over a Ferrari 599, describing it as “the Bobby Dazzler of its time”.

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LaFerrari in skilled hands makes mockery of Monza

Ferrari LaFerrari Monza video

Published October 22, 2014

Watch as a LaFerrari effortlessly overtakes everything in an impressive run at Italy’s famous Monza circuit.

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Lotus F1 team jumps transporter over F1 car

Lotus F1 Team jumps transporter truck over Formula One car

Published November 24, 2014

Team Lotus stole the headlines from the Formula One champion, Lewis Hamilton, by jumping a transporter over an F1 car. Selfish.

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Motorcycle bulldog waves at passing biker

Motorcycle riding bulldog

Published October 17, 2014

Sweets the dog became an overnight internet sensation when she showed off her very polite motorcycle wave.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and his tank: ‘I like crushing things’

Arnold Schwarzenegger crushes things with his tank

Published March 28, 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a tank, crushing stuff. Click bait? Us?

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Tiff Needell drives a Formula E racing car

Formula E resized

Published August 4, 2014

The Fifth Gear presenter and racing maestro swaps noisy V8 engines for the near-silent thrills of Formula E.

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Ten dream cars for £10,000 (give or take)

10 dream luxury cars for £10,000

Published April 17, 2014

Have you got some spare cash left over after Christmas? Why not indulge in one of these luxurious bargains?

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Ten fabulous cars for £5,000

10 fabulous great cars for £5000

Published May 16, 2014

There are more than 140,000 great used-car bargains on driving.co.uk for around £5,000 and we selected the best.

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Top 10 most fuel-efficient hybrids

Hybrid car buying guide

Published August 14, 2014

Going hybrid is a big decision for some, which is why we put together a handy guide that includes everything you need to know about the futuristic powertrain.

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Jaguar XE v 3-series, C-class, A4 and S60

Jaguar XE vs BMW 3-series vs Mercedes C-class vs Volvo S60 vs Audi A4

Published September 12, 2014

Jaguar’s upcoming compact saloon faces the ultimate test: a direct comparison with its key rivals.

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Leading dashboard cameras reviewed

Dash cam reviews

Published November 21, 2014

Dashcams aren’t just for capturing freak natural occurrences and poor Russian driving. They can also provide unbeatable evidence. Take a look at some of the best before buying.

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Fast, affordable estate cars for under £10,000

Fast estate cars buying guide

Published December 5, 2014

This collection of load-luggers will get you to the tip and back fast, and at prices starting from £1,000.

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Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Clarkson review

Published July 28, 2014

“£64,540 for a 180mph convertible that looks this good and drives this well is still the bargain of the century.”

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BMW M4 Clarkson review

Published July 21, 2014

“My initial reaction when the car was delivered was to feel slightly sick. That is because it had been painted in quite the most revolting colour I’ve seen.”

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BMW i8

BMW i8 Clarkson review

Published August 11, 2014

“It is so fabulously clever that it would be easy to overlook a couple of things that in a normal car would be considered big black marks.”

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Volkswagen Golf R

jeremy clarkosn reviews the volkswagen golf r

Published March 31, 2014

“You could take a Golf R to a meeting of the Socialist Workers party and they’d embrace you as a brother. It’s that nondescript.”

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Suzuki Swift Sport

Jeremy Clarkson reviews the Suzuki Swift Sport

Published April 28, 2014

“It handles beautifully and has a puppy-dog enthusiasm when you’re in the mood.”

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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander Jeremy Clarkson review

Published July 15, 2014

“If you strip away all the clever-clever running gear, the Outlander isn’t a very good car. The ride is poor, the petrol engine is soulless, the styling is dreadful, the seats are hard and the performance is woeful.”

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Porsche 918 Spyder

Clarkson review: Porsche 918 Spyder

#Published June 16, 2014

“The Porsche is one of the three fastest cars in the world. It has sat nav and air-con and carpets. And driven carefully it can do 94 miles to the gallon.”

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Toyota Land Cruiser

Clarkson: Toyota Land Cruiser

Published November 3, 2014

“Its grille looks like the sort of thing you’d find at the bottom of a Victorian’s fireplace and its headlights resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger’s eyes in that Total Recall moment when he falls down a mountain on Mars.”

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Nissan GT-R

Jeremy Clarkson Nissan GT-R review

Published December 22, 2014

“You may drool all you like over the latest Lamborghini or the hottest Aston, but the Nissan was always capable of tying them in knots.”

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James May drives the LaFerrari

James May LaFerrari review

Published May 11, 2014

Captain Slow gets to grips with one of the world’s fastest cars and emerges a speed junkie.

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2014 Ford Focus

2014 Ford Focus review

Published September 9, 2014

The original Focus was launched 16 years ago and the third generation remains Britain’s bestselling small family car, but can the updated model rival the class-leading VW Golf? Find out here.

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Jay Leno drives the Volvo V60 Polestar

Jay Leno drives the Volvo V60 Polestar

Published June 9, 2014

The man with one of the most enviable garages in the world drives this Swedish-estate-on-steroids.

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Volkswagen Golf GTE

VW Golf GTE review

Published September 11, 2014

It returns 188mpg yet boasts hot-hatch driving thrills. Could the Golf GTE really be the best of both worlds?

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2015 Ford Mustang

2015 European Ford Mustang Ecoboost review

Published September 29, 2014

Driving gets an exclusive hands-on with the first Mustang to grace European shores.

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2014 BMW 2-series Active Tourer

BMW 2-series activetourer review

Published July 28, 2014

It can swallow the contents of a camping trip yet still manages to provide an involving drive. The BMW 2-series Active Tourer is perfect for those with a penchant for white-water rafting.

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Volkswagen Golf SV

2015 VW Golf SV review

Published September 26, 2014

The humble Golf gets pumped up to swallow the family and all its accoutrements, but has the extra weight blunted the driving experience?

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Mercedes C-class

2014 Mercedes C-class review by The Sunday Times

Published July 24, 2014

The latest iteration of Mercedes’ bestselling model edges ever closer to the benchmark BMW 3-series.

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Nissan Pulsar

Nissan Pulsar review by The Sunday Times

Published September 5, 2014

Nissan’s first stab at a family hatchback isn’t exactly pulsing with desirability but it offers class-leading legroom and a smooth ride.

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