8 Best windscreen covers to buy in 2022

Top covers to keep your car frost-free in winter ... and cool in the summer.

BUYING a windscreen cover for your car is a cost effective way to protect it from extreme weather. While they’re primarily used to protect against frost and ice in the winter, they’re beneficial year-round whether it’s sun damage, leaves and debris, or bird mess that’s a concern.

For maximum protection, we recommend investing in a cover that is specifically designed for cold weather and ensuring you’ve selected one of the correct size for your windscreen. Some retailers offer universal sizes, but it’s worth taking measurements before making a purchase to avoid disappointment.

We’ve researched the best car windscreen covers on offer in 2022, and here are the select few we’ve deemed to be worthy of your money.

1. QcoQce Car Windshield Cover

QcoQce Car Windshield Cover, £21.97 from Amazon — buy here

The QcoQce windshield cover is a bestseller on Amazon with over 1,000 five-star reviews, and is reportedly “good quality” and “value for money”.

It’s not too dissimilar to the Halfords Quilted Frost Guard we listed above in terms of design, though it does come in a larger size. The material is made up of four layers that are designed to protect your windscreen from frost, ice and snow, rain, UV rays and other dirt and grime.

There are two sizes available — small and large. The small measures 147cm x 120cm, whereas the large measures 157cm x 126cm. At the risk of sounding repetitive, make sure you measure your windscreen ahead of time — we spotted a few reviews stating that they opted for the wrong size.

2. FREESOO Windscreen Frost Protector

FREESOO Car Windscreen Cover, £17.99 from Amazon – buy here

Another top seller from Amazon, this all weather windscreen cover has rave reviews with one customer describing it as “an absolute life saver”.

The cover has two “ears” which you trap in between your car doors, and then tuck the bottom of the cover under the windscreen wipers. It comes in two sizes — small and large — and is made up of four layers designed to protect your windscreen from both frost and sun damage.

Note: We recommend you steer clear from using this windscreen cover in the rain as the “ears” may break the seal to your car door and let water inside.

3. Coopers of Stortford Windscreen Snow Cover

Windscreen Snow Cover, £9.99 from Coopers of Stortford — buy here 

Made from a lightweight, mildew-resistant and waterproof PVC, this windscreen guard is designed to protect your car from temperatures of -20°C up to 90°C.

It’s available in one size, measuring 192cm x 118cm, and is held in place with magnets and material flaps which tuck inside your car doors.

Recent reviews have said it’s “lightweight and easy” and “a pleasure to put on the windscreen”.

4. Halfords Quilted Frost Guard

Halfords Quilted Frost Guard, £10 from Halfords — buy here

If you’re looking for an affordable car cover for the winter months, then this £10 one from Halfords is a great option.

It comes with covers for both side mirros as well as the windscreen, and is held in place by magnets as well as loops on both sides of the cover. It’s made from 3-layers of water-resistant and non-woven material to guard against frost.

The dimensions are 147cm x 120cm, which should be suitable for both small and medium-sized vehicles. Don’t just take our word for it though — make sure you measure your windscreen before purchasing.

Happy customers have described the cover as an “outstanding product” and a “bargain”.

5. Halfords All Seasons Car Cover

Halfords All Seasons Car Cover, from £55 to £75 — buy here

If you’re looking to protect your car’s bodywork as well as the windscreen then this cover could be the way to go. As the name suggests, the Halfords own-brand product is suitable for all seasons. It offers snow and ice protection, is waterproof and will prevent sun damage thanks to UV protection.

You secure the cover via the elasticated panels, which fit over your bumpers, and the straps that go underneath the car. It’s available in five different sizes — extra small, small, medium, large and extra large — to suit all vehicles. The dimensions of the medium cover, which we’ve linked to above, are 440cm x 175cm x 135cm.

The cover was awarded four and a half stars in Auto Express’ Mini Test in 2020, and reviewers have said that the product is “superb quality and great value”.

6. Halfords All Weather Windscreen Shield

All Weather Windscreen Shield, £7.99 from Halfords — buy here

This is the third and final Halfords car windscreen cover to appear in our list. What can we say? They know how to make them.

This bestselling cover is designed to protect your windshield from all weather conditions and is made from a durable and protective film. It’s available in one size only — medium — and those with larger cars (such as SUVs and campervans) found that it doesn’t fully cover the windscreen.

For under £8, though, this cover is great value for money for smaller cars.

7. Pukkr Car Windscreen Sun and Frost Protector

Pukkr Car Windscreen Sun and Frost Protector, £4.99 from Roov — buy here

Priced at under a fiver, this is the cheapest windscreen protector in our list and even comes with a two-year guarantee.

You simply trap the flaps in your car doors and your windscreen will be protected from frost and sun rays. It’s made of four layers of material that absorb the heat in the summer to keep your car cool.

It measures 147cm x 100cm (not including the side flaps), which one person described as “a great size” that they “imagine would suit most cars”. But as always, make sure you measure your windscreen before committing to making a purchase.

8. AA Windscreen Frost and Sun Shield

AA Windscreen Frost and Sun Shield, £10 from Argos – buy here

Last but not necessarily least is the AA’s double-sided windscreen cover, designed to keep your windscreen frost-free in the winter and car interior cool in the summer.

It’s waterproof, breathable and comes with a one-year guarantee. Similar to a few different covers in this list, you attach it by trapping the flaps in the doors, or use the suction cups provided.

It’s 145cm by 70cm, which supposedly fits most cars, though the jury’s out on this one.

Do windscreen covers work?

Providing you choose a cover that is the correct size for your windscreen, then yes, it’ll help protect your car from poor weather and dirt. If frost or ice is your biggest concern, we recommend opting for a cover that is specifically designed for that, such as Halfords’ frost guard, whereas if you want to protect against UV rays as well as frost, the Halfords’ all seasons cover or QcoQce all weather cover are good choices.

How does a windscreen cover work?

In the winter, a cover works by keeping your windscreen clear of ice, frost and snow, and eradicates the need to defrost or de-ice your car. Whereas in the summer, it works by reflecting the sunlight and protecting the car from UV rays. This keeps the interior of the car cooler and prevents sun damage.

Aside from the above, a cover also protects your windscreen from dirt and debris, which could cause damage.

Not all windscreen covers will be suitable to protect your car from every weather condition. Make sure you check the description before making a purchase to ensure it protects against your primary concern, whether that be UV-rays or frost.

How to fit a windscreen cover

Not every windscreen cover will fit to your car in the same way. Some will have tabs at the side which you trap in your car doors, others have magnets or suction cups, and some may attach over your bumpers. We recommend that you read the instructions for your specific model closely.

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