Scalextric's 1989 Batmobile slot racing car on white background

Tim Burton Batmobile and Andretti Lotus 79 F1 car star in new Scalextric

A mix of retro-cool and cutting-edge motorsport

Scalextric has announced its latest 2024 catalogue of models, bringing an eclectic mix of competition vehicles from decades past to life for eager slot-racing fans.

The system, which has been around since the 1950s and is currently owned by Hornby Hobbies, has long been a favourite of both model enthusiasts and parents looking to occupy their children’s attention alike, thanks to the quality of the modelling and the variety of cars it offers.

This year’s catalogue, already full of great vehicles, is enhanced with three new sets, four models that are brand-new “toolings”, and then a variety of interesting new liveries for existing cars in Scalextric’s armoury.

All the cars and sets listed below are in the classic 1:32 scale and the prices mentioned are if you pre-order the products directly through; other model shops, both online and physical, will likely stock all of these vehicles at different prices in the fullness of time, with a release date of “Spring 2024”.

Here’s the rundown of what’s new in Scalextric’s world for 2024.

1989 Batmobile (C4492) — £53.99

Scalextric 1989 Batmobile (C4492)

This newcomer features the design of the Caped Crusader’s car from Tim Burton’s superb film of the DC superhero movie from 1989, starring Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne and his crime-fighting alter-ego, Batman. For many this the the ultimate Batmobile design and will no doubt have owners growling “shields” into their controllers.

Volkswagen Golf GTI, red (C4490) — £49.99

Scalextric Volkswagen Golf GTI, red (C4490)

The original hot hatchback is now available in Scalextric form for, believe it or not, the first-ever time. It’s finished in red, presumably to ape the Mars Red signature colour of Mk1 Golf GTIs.

Ford Anglia 105E Broadspeed (C4546) — £49.99

Scalextric Ford Anglia 105E Broadspeed (C4546)

A lovely tribute paid to a classic touring car here, as Englishman John Fitzpatrick won the 1966 British Saloon Car Championship in this Broadspeed-prepared Ford Anglia 105E.

1977 New York “Checker” Cab (C4432) — £49.99

Scalextric 1977 New York “Checker” Cab (C4432)

Are you looking at me? An instantly-recognisable vehicle that should be familiar to you from TV and film, even if you’ve never walked the streets of New York itself. The yellow NYC “Checker” taxicab of the 1970s joins Scalextric’s line-up for 2024.

Jaguar XJS Bathurst 1000 (C4400) — £49.99

Scalextric Jaguar XJS Bathurst 1000 (C4400)

Not a new tooling this time, but a new livery for a racing Jaguar XJS. This one features a Class C example which ran at the 1986 Toohey’s Bathurst 1000, finishing in 24th place overall in the hands of Australians John Goss and Bob Muir.

Pagani Huayra BC Roadster (C4399) — £38.49

Scalextric Pagani Huayra BC Roadster (C4399)

The 754bhp open-topped hypercar is here presented in Grigio Montecarlo silver livery, which is a new colour finish for the Scalextric model.

Ford Escort WRC Monte Carlo 1998 (C4513) — £53.99

Scalextric Ford Escort WRC Monte Carlo 1998 (C4513)

Modelled on the Escort WRC that Finnish rally icon Juha Kankkunen took to second place at the 1998 Monte, this model has a four-wheel-drive system to mimic the full-sized competition car.

Brabham BT46 Italian GP 1978 (C4510) — £53.99

Scalextric Brabham BT46 Italian GP 1978 (C4510)

In between his oft-remembered stints for Ferrari and McLaren, three-time F1 world champion Niki Lauda drove for Brabham. This is his flat-12-powered BT46, designed by none other than Gordon Murray — from the 1978 Italian Grand Prix.

Lotus 79 1978 World Champion Edition (C4494) — £53.99

Scalextric Lotus 79 1978 World Champion Edition (C4494)

While Lauda was having, by his own high standards, a season of relative struggle in 1978 in the Brabham BT46, American racer Mario Andretti took the drivers’ title and gave Lotus the constructors’ crown with the phenomenal 79, immortalised here in 1:32 scale by Scalextric.

Land Rover Series 1, Poppy Red (C4493) — £53.99

Scalextric Land Rover Series 1, Poppy Red (C4493)

Announcing this model with the phrase “not all Land Rovers are green”, this Land Rover Series 1 in Poppy Red is similar to the vehicles which were used by the Derbyshire Fire Service from 1949 onwards. Like the real thing, this Scalextric car has working four-wheel drive and a removable rear cover.

Ford GT40 BOAC 500 1968 (C4495) — £49.99

Scalextric Ford GT40 BOAC 500 1968 (C4495)

A stunning classic racing example of the Ford GT40 that ran at the 1968 BOAC 500 six-hour endurance race at Brands Hatch. Terry Drury and Keith Holland drove this distinctive gold-over-black colour scheme car, which would go well with Scalextric’s other sports racing vehicles from the 1960s.

Mercedes-AMG GT3 RAM Racing D2 (C4496) — £49.99

Scalextric Mercedes-AMG GT3 RAM Racing D2 (C4496)

A retro-inspired D2 livery is seen on this Mercedes-AMG GT3, which put in a strong performance in the GT3 Am class at the 2022 Gulf 12 Hours at Yas Marina circuit in the UAE.

Volkswagen Beetle Blue 66 (C4498) — £49.99

Scalextric Volkswagen Beetle Blue 66 (C4498)

It’s not Herbie but this model pays homage to a similar racer which competed with surprising success in the American Trans Am historic race series of the 1960s and ‘70s.

Lamborghini Countach, green (C4500) — £49.99

Scalextric Lamborghini Countach, green (C4500)

Many regard the earlier LP400 as the purer version of Marcello Gandini’s dramatic supercar design. Nevertheless, any Lamborghini Countach is most welcome, with this green version most likely based on a LP500 S with the 4.8-litre V12 engine from the 1980s.

Ferrari 330 P4, green (C4491) — £49.99

Scalextric Ferrari 330 P4, green (C4491)

Supremely quick British privateer racer David Piper, who had a brief dabble in F1, was known for competing in cars with distinctive green livery (as well as losing half a leg after his tyre blew while filming the Steve McQueen Le Mans film in 1970). Here his 1960s Ferrari 330 P4 is commemorated in slot-racing miniature by Scalextric for the 2024 model year.

Puma WRC Hot Laps (product code C1452) £159.99

Scalextric Puma WRC Hot Laps (product code C1452)

Developed in collaboration with M-Sport, the outfit which runs the Ford Puma WRC contenders in real life, this set brings the thrills of the FIA Word Rally to your front room. It features two Puma WRCs in the Red Bull-sponsored livery, the cars being Estonian 2019 world champion Ott Tänak’s No.8 and the No.19 of French rally legend Sebastien Loeb. This set also includes Hot Laps, a smartphone-based app new for 2024, which has both a checkpoint racing game installed, and which also functions as an easy-to-use interactive lap counter for the set.

Super Sierras Retro Race (C1451M) — £159.99

An absolutely superb kit for Scalextric fans of an older persuasion, the Super Sierras set includes two RS500 Cosworths in Fina and Duckhams period competition livery. It’s even presented in a box which apes the design of Scalextric’s logos and packaging from the 1980s.

Williams Racing F1 (C1450M) — £139.99

Scalextric Williams Racing F1 (C1450M)

Fans of F1 will like this Williams Racing-endorsed set, in which there’s a choice of Alex Albon’s car in the standard dark-blue livery of the 2023 season, or Logan Sargent’s machine in the Gulf livery that was used at three Grands Prix of the championship (Singapore, Japan and Qatar).

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