Drive time: new Chuck Berry album to rev up drivers

With its unmistakable opening guitar riff and memorable chorus, it’s little wonder that Johnny B. Goode ranks as one of the greatest songs of all
Lorry driver jailed for four and a half years after killing student while on phone

Distracted lorry driver jailed for killing student

A lorry driver was jailed for four and a half years for causing the death of a “clever and artistic” 21-year-old woman by crashing into her broke
Fallout from hard Brexit could drive up cost of cars by £2,300

Brexit could drive up cost of cars by £2,300

More than £2,300 could be added to the price of an average car under a “hard Brexit”, according to research.
Toyota’s £240m show of faith in Derby production plant

Toyota’s £240m show of faith in Derbyshire

Toyota is investing £240m to upgrade a plant in Derbyshire in a sign of commitment to the UK post Brexit
Volkswagen emissions chief’s bid for bail fails

Volkswagen emissions chief loses bail hearing

A Volkswagen executive wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and handcuffs lost his attempt to win bail in a US court
Me and My Motor: Claire Williams, Formula One boss

Me and My Motor: Claire Williams, Formula One boss

Claire Williams is one of the most powerful women in motor sport, heading the Williams Formula One team with her father, Sir Frank...
Intel makes $15bn move to clear way for driverless cars

Intel spends $15bn on 'eyes' for driverless cars

Intel is to buy an Israeli maker of self-driving car technology for $15.3bn (£12.6bn), a record deal for the emerging autonomous vehicle indust
Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond knocked out in Mozambique crash

The TV presenter Richard Hammond was knocked unconscious in a motorcycle accident while filming the second series of The Grand Tour.
Car seatbelt for your dog? It’s a bone of contention in America

Sit, Fido! Sit! Now belt up!

Dogs travelling in cars in the US state of Maine could be forced to belt up under a proposed law

Drivers in Japan face dementia tests to cut deaths

Japan has introduced traffic rules to stop people with dementia driving, after a series of deaths caused by confused elderly motorists.
Obituary: John Surtees

Obituary: John Surtees

The 1960s were the golden age of British motor racing, and the final grand prix of the 1964 Formula One season in Mexico City was a three-way sho
Ministers slam brakes on costly speed awareness courses

Ministers slam brakes on anti‑speeding courses

Ministers will launch a crackdown on speed awareness classes after concerns that they do not change drivers’ habits and are a way for police forc
Manchester slams the brakes on new 20mph zones

Manchester slams the brakes on new 20mph zones

Councils were urged to suspend the national introduction of 20mph zones yesterday after research in one of Britain’s biggest cities found...