Can a Tesla Model X deal with children, car seats... and grandma?

Can a Tesla Model X deal with children?

Driving got hold of a Tesla Model X to assess not its speed or handling but one of the key functions of an SUV: how suitable it is for families.
Supersport Supercars: Audi R8 isn't showy but delivers on thrills

Supersport Supercars: Top five supercars 2016

In 2016 I drove the Sunday Times Driving car in the Caterham Supersport Championship, arguably the most competitive race series in the UK...
Drop the top and show some muscle: Audi TT RS v Mercedes-AMG SLC 43

Audi TT RS v Mercedes-AMG SLC 43

The hot versions of two old German rivals square off against each other. Can Audi's four-wheel-drive TT RS roadster beat the classic appeal of...
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Karla Roman, an architect, was knocked down by a coach in east London

Cyclist crushed by coach in day of death on roads

Two cyclists and a pedestrian were killed in three accidents within a few hours, prompting renewed calls to improve safety on the roads.
Gulf royal buys himself a car park for £21m

Gulf royal buys himself a car park for £21m

The cost of parking in town can be steep, but even in central London £21m seems beyond the pale. That, however, is what a Middle Eastern royal
Gone with the wind: £2.3m Pagani Roadster sold out before Geneva motor show debut

Gone with the wind: £2m Pagani roadster sold out

Chopping the roof off a car doesn’t, on the face of it, seem a particularly complicated task – just ask any firefighter
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How to repair scratches and scuffs

After one of our own cars was involved in a low-speed scrape, Driving got in touch with ChipsAway to witness the specialist repair process...
Car Clinic: My car was damaged by airport parking — what can I do?

Car Clinic: My car was damaged by airport parking

Our brand new car was damaged by an airport parking service but the company won’t pay up. What can we do?
Reader Letters: Speed alerts, America's Route 1, post-Brexit numberplates and Clarkson's bust

Reader Letters: Speed alerts and Clarkson's bust

Driving along the M4 the other day I noticed brake lights ahead. Shortly after, I passed the source: two slow-moving, flat-base lorries in convoy
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Audi A5 coupe review (2017-on)

Audi A5 coupé review (2017-on)

Who doesn’t like to feel good about themselves when they get dressed in the mornings? A sharp suit, striking shirt or designer blouse and killer...
The Clarkson Review: 2017 Honda NSX

The Clarkson Review: 2017 Honda NSX

Back in the days when you could walk from Calais to Dover and wattle was a popular building material, Honda decided it would like to build...
Audi A3 e-tron long term test review

Extended test: 2016 Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

AS the resident country bumpkin, I’ve been elected to run an Audi A3 e-tron as part of Driving's extended test of three PHEV cars. It should be...
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