Citroen C3 Aircross

New Citroën C3 Aircross gets electric power and up to seven seats

We don't know quite how big the seven seats are as yet

Citroën has unveiled its new C3 Aircross model, which is substantially larger than its predecessor and now offers up to seven seats.

Whereas the outgoing C3 Aircross was a likeable compact SUV with swollen styling and a choice of small petrol engines, the newcomer is a family-sized seven-seater with a choice of petrol, electric and hybrid powertrains.

Carries on the new C3’s design language

Citroen C3 Aircross

Taking styling inspiration from the new C3, which has itself grown from a supermini to more of a crossover SUV, the new C3 Aircross wears Citroën’s new brand identity. That means there’s the new oval logo on the nose, and LED headlights, while the body has a chunky, squared-off design.

Citroën has also added a chevron pattern to elements of the car’s body, and the C3 Aircross will be offered with a two-tone roof, as well as colour accents on the bumper and quarter panel that can be interchanged, allowing customers to personalise their cars.

Significant growth

But the overwhelming impression is one of growth, with the new C3 Aircross now measuring 4.39m in length — an increase of around 20cm over the outgoing car.

It’s this increase that has allowed Citroën to add an optional third row of seats, turning the new C3 Aircross into a seven-seater.

Citroen C3 Aircross

The more spacious cabin is designed to offer greater comfort and technology than before, with the French company promising to focus on a soft, comfortable ride as on Citroëns of old.

No pics of the cabin…

At present, the brand has not yet released any images of the C3 Aircross’ cabin, but it’s expected to follow the new C3 with a minimalistic design that centres around a touchscreen infotainment system.

Citroën has also promised numerous “tricks” to make the cabin space more flexible and better suited to family life, while also maintaining relatively compact exterior dimensions to facilitate “easy manoeuvring and stress-free parking.”

Although the car has become a more conventional SUV than its predecessor, there’s no indication that Citroën plans to turn it into an off-roader, with no mention of all-wheel-drive technology or all-terrain ability, aside from the increased ride height.

Even is loftier stance is being marketed as an urban advantage, rather than an aide to life in the countryside. Citroën says the extra height gives the car better visibility from the driving seat and aids access, as well as “allowing for more reassured driving.” Anyone living in towns near street furniture such as road humps and speed cushions will agree that higher riding cars are an advantage.

Electric, petrol and hybrid power

Citroën has confirmed that customers will get a choice of petrol engines and hybrid powertrains when the car comes to market, thanks to the same underpinnings as the new C3. That means we’re expecting a 1.2-litre PureTech petrol option, alongside a mild-hybrid version.

What’s more, Citroën is developing an electric ë-C3 Aircross model that’s expected to get the same front-mounted motor as the ë-C3 and the same 45kWh battery, although Citroën hasn’t confirmed any of that as yet.

Citroen C3 Aircross

By the same token, Citroën is yet to announce any prices for the newcomer, although the brand has promised a “competitive” price tag for the new C3 Aircross. Full pricing and specifications will be announced ahead of the car going on sale later this summer.

“The new C3 Aircross undergoes a radical change and enters a new era for customers by adopting a more assertive character,” said Citroën in a statement.

“New C3 Aircross offers more interior space than ever before, with seating for up to seven, a choice of engine options, and the same level of onboard comfort.

“Combined with a competitive pricing position, this more mature and muscular version is set to meet the changing demands of the market.”

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