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  1. Deciding on the right used car
    First, consider the kind of car that will suit your needs – do you want a car you can squeeze the whole clan into or will you only need a little extra room for your own luggage? What sort of budget do you have for your next purchase? Our used cars search allows you to specify your preferred make and model
  2. Search for your next used car offers two unique ways to search for your next used car. To quickly create a list of all the used cars in your local area, simply choose the Fast Search option – enter your desired car’s make and model, plus how much you’re willing to pay and how far away you’d like to search, and our Fast Search will do the rest.
    If you have more specific requirements for your next car, and want to quickly find something that has the luxuries you’d expect within your budget, our Lifestyle Search can help. You can pick from a list of requirements such as sat nav, leather seats, age and mileage, number of doors, number of seats – even the cost of insurance and road tax! This will help you to get the best matches for your tastes and needs.
  3. The history check
    We’ve run history checks on 90% of the cars we list at, so you can find out quickly and for free if your desired vehicle passes muster. You’ll be able to find what you need to know within our database, but don’t hesitate to contact one of our trusted partner dealers for more information.