Video: SkyRunner flying car crashes during takeoff

Despite flying cars first getting off the ground as long ago as 1949, when Moulton “Molt” Taylor, an American inventor, took to the skies in the

Elon Musk blasts Tesla Roadster to Mars

Elon Musk, the techpreneur founder of PayPal and Tesla, declared himself “giddy and happy” last night as he prepared to launch his new Falcon...
New 2018 Mercedes A-Class: AI for family hatch but no eco hybrid versions

New 2018 Mercedes A-Class with AI

Drivers would be forgiven for assuming cars with Artificial Intelligence and self-driving technology are the preserve of one-of-a-kind concept ca
Jaguar I-Pace versus Tesla Model X charging times

Jaguar I-Pace will charge in 45mins… but where?

Jaguar's first pure-electric car, the new I-Pace, is capable of being charged to around 80% of its capacity in less than 45 minutes, the British
Special glasses to tackle motion sickness in driverless cars

Special glasses for driverless cars

Driverless cars will bring a revolution in the way we spend our time. Rather than sitting in traffic drumming our fingers on the steering wheel i
Big Brother is driving you: how new cars collect data to sell

How new cars collect data to sell

The beat generation imagined disappearing into the night on an open road and countless baby boomers rejoiced in the freedom granted by a car with

GM to launch driverless car without steering wheel

The firsT mass-produced driverless car without a steering wheel will be made by General Motors, which says that it aims to have the vehicles on U
The next step in pedestrian safety: airbags in clothing

Airbags are the next step in pedestrian safety

You are walking along the street minding your own business when the jacket you are wearing detects an object hurtling towards you — and in a spli
Entrepreneur develops flying taxi to ferry passengers across London

Entrepreneur develops flying taxi for London

A British entrepreneur is developing a drone capable of transporting commuters from central London to Heathrow airport in 12 minutes.
Airbubbl system removes toxic air from inside car

Airbubbl system removes toxic air from inside car

Technology that sucks toxic gas out of cars will be introduced early next year after fears that drivers and passengers are being exposed to dange
Driverless cars are a “waste of time and money”

Driverless cars are a “waste of time and money”

Plans to make the UK a world centre for driverless cars are a “waste of time and money” as research suggests that the public believes they are...
Many Uber drivers are working 12 hours a day

Many Uber drivers are working 12 hours a day

MPs have criticised Uber after it emerged that hundreds of drivers are working the equivalent of almost 12 hours a day, seven days a week.
Self-driving cars will be allowed to park themselves in overhaul of rules

Self-driving cars to be allowed to park themselves

Motorists will be able to park their car remotely using a smartphone or key fob for the first time under plans to overhaul the rules of the road.