French drivers up in arms over mandatory black box recorders

French drivers petition against EU black boxes

Hundreds of thousands of French drivers have signed a petition protesting new rules that will require "black box" data recorders in cars.
Safety expert questions Ford billboard patent

Patent to beam adverts into cars 'worrying'

A new Ford patent that would see billboard advertisements projected onto infotainment screens may pose "worrying" safety issues.
BMW projects AI-generated art onto car for advertising campaign

BMW projects AI-generated art onto car for ad

BMW has unveiled an ad campaign in which AI technology is used to project artwork onto the 8 Series Gran Coupé.
“Self-driving” cars could be legalised on UK roads later this year

“Self-driving” cars allowed on UK roads this year

"Self-driving” cars could be allowed on the UK’s roads later this year, the Department of Transport (DfT) has announced.
New Ford headlights automatically adjust using GPS data

Ford GPS headlights "show the car the way to go"

New headlights designed by Ford use GPS data in order to pre-emptively adjust the direction and strength of the beam before bends and junctions.
Self-driving cars could be worse at detecting people with dark skin, says commission

Self-driving cars at centre of racism row

A car safety expert has said that "there is no reason" that self-driving cars would discriminate between people of different races.
Two dead in self-driving Tesla crash

Two dead in Tesla crash linked to Autopilot

Two people have died in a collision in Texas involving a Tesla Model S equipped with the car maker's Autopilot function.
EU will not achieve electric car charging targets at current rate, auditor warns

EU charging deployment off-track, says auditor

The rollout of the European Union's electric car charging network is too slow for the bloc to achieve its climate targets, auditors have warned.
Ford Mondeo production to end after 28 years

Ford Mondeo production to end

Ford has confirmed that the Mondeo saloon is to be phased out from March 2022 as the company ramps up its electrifications plans.
BMW reveals upgraded iDrive infotainment system

BMW reveals upgraded iDrive infotainment system

BMW has unveiled the newest version of its iDrive infotainment system.
Security camera hack affects transport companies including Tesla

Tesla named in security camera hack

A hack of more than 150,000 cameras made by security firm Verkada has affected an array of services and companies including Tesla.
2 in 5 have retreated to their car for space during lockdown, study shows

Drivers retreat to cars parked outside homes

More than two in five people have retreated to their car to work or relax during lockdown, according to a new study.