Car makers’ electric vehicle plans for 2022 and beyond

Fancy going all-electric with your next new car? Here are all of the current and upcoming pure-electric models you'll be able to buy.
12 things not to leave in a hot car

12 things drivers should not leave in a hot car

When it’s just 22°C outside, it can reach 47°C inside a car within 60 minutes. These are the things you should leave inside.
Is your car exempt from London’s Ultra-Low Emissions Zone charges?

Is your car exempt from London's ULEZ?

In April 2019, London became the first city in the world to establish a dedicated “ultra low emission zone” (ULEZ) — is your car exempt?
Multiple car crash completely blocks M25 motorway

Are motorways really the safest roads in the UK?

Many drivers find heading out onto the motorway daunting, but should they? Here are the safest types of road, statistically.
Fiat 500 TwinAir

Five of the most economical cars under £5,000

With the cost of living surging, you could be looking to swap your current gas guzzler for an affordable car with excellent fuel economy.

Air-con problems solved

Once an expensive luxury, air-conditioning is now standard to most new cars, and it’s more necessary than ever.

10 fun cars for under £10,000

With classic car values soaring it’s good to know that there are still plenty of classics-in-the-making to be had for less than £10,000.
Britain's first electric forecourt opens in Essex

Ultra-rapid chargers increase by 40%

The number of ultra-rapid public EV chargers in the UK has increased by some 40% according to the latest figures released by Zap-Map.
Ford Mustang Mach E Extended Range RWD

Top 10 longest-range electric cars

Which electric cars can be driven 348 miles or more between charges? Here's the top 10 for range.
Alternate-side parking in new York City (Image by Jp via Flickr)

Alternate-side parking returns to NYC

New York in the US has announced that twice-a-week alternate-side parking will return from July 5.
Nuna Rebl child car seat review

How long can a baby be left in a car seat?

With children in tow, an essential component of any trip will be a car seat that is legally required for most younger children.
What is ESP in a car?

What is ESP in a car?

What the three letters ESP stand for when it comes to cars, what it does and why it can be extremely helpful.
SIx reasons why the Ford Mustang Mach-E is the choice of leaders (sponsored)

The best new cars of 2022

It’s getting harder than ever before to choose a new car with decisions to be made that wouldn’t have crossed the minds of car buyers before.