Are electric cars more likely to catch fire than petrol and diesel cars?

Studies from across the globe show that, despite fearmongering, EVs are less likely to catch fire than cars powered by petrol or diesel.
Is your car exempt from London’s Ultra-Low Emissions Zone charges?

Is your car exempt from London's Ulez?

London was the first city in the world to establish an “ultra low emission zone” (Ulez), and now it covers all boroughs — is your car exempt?

Best used EVs for under £17,000

There are used EVs for sale that will suit almost every budget, as our rundown of the best sub-£17k models reveals.
Polestar O2 concept previews 2023 Polestar 6

Car makers' electric vehicle plans (updated)

Fancy going all-electric with your next new car? Here are all of the current and upcoming pure-electric models you'll be able to buy.
UK has reached “peak petrol”, says research

Charging times explained

Do electric cars take long to charge? We take a look at it.
Kia gives out EV driving tips to increase range

EV drivers could save £500 with these tips

A study commissioned by Kia has shown that electric vehicle drivers could potentially increase their range between charges by as much as 33%.
UK has reached “peak petrol”, says research

Can flat-owners install EV chargers?

Some 40% of UK households don't have access to a driveway or garage - how do they charge up their EV?
Volkswagen to launch 2,400 electric vehicle chargers in the UK

Cost of charging an electric car

It can be cheaper than filling with petrol or diesel, but what's the real price you pay when it comes to charging an electric car?
Time to ditch diesel? Comparing the costs of driving a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric car

Time to ditch diesel? See the cost of alternatives

In little more than 20 years, the government hopes the rattle of diesel and roar of petrol-powered cars will fall silent. It wants drivers to kic

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It used to be so simple. When buying a car you’d select the body style you wanted, along with the colour and spec. Of course there was also the...
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Driving Green: Are electric cars expensive to insure?

When you buy car insurance, two key factors determine your premium: the type of car and your personal circumstances. So it's not just how safe the...
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Driving Green: How much is road tax for "green" cars?

For several years any car rated below 100g/km of CO2 has attracted a zero rate of vehicle excise duty (VED), or road tax...
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Driving Green: The truth about real-world mpg and fuel...

Go onto pretty much any car owners’ forum and you’ll find complaints about how it’s impossible to achieve the official fuel consumption figures...