7 best windscreen covers to buy in 2023-24

Buying a windscreen cover for your car is a cost effective way to protect it from bad weather. We've rounded up the best covers on the market.
Top tips for driving on snow and ice

How to drive on snow and ice

As a nation with famously unpredictable weather, Brits have to get used to the idea of suddenly finding themselves driving through snow.
YouTuber Emery Lindeman gets caught out in the snow in his Tesla Model 3.

Tesla in snow shows value of winter tyres

An American YouTuber has released a new video underscoring how little grip summer tyres provide in wintry conditions.
More disruption on UK roads as new storms follow Eunice and Franklin

Storms cause more havoc on UK roads

The Met Office is warning drivers to slow down and be extra vigilant as more severe weather may be on the way.

One in five Brits unprepared for driving in rain

A significant minority of motorists feel way out of their depth when driving in tricky weather conditions, new research has revealed.
Snow joke: 10 steps to follow if your car gets stuck in snow

What to do if your car gets stuck in snow

Snow, strong winds, snow drifts and freezing rain can play havoc with the UK’s road network - here's what to do if you get caught out.
Great Drives: James Mills goes ice driving on Lake Baikal in a Mazda CX-5, for Sunday Times Magazine

Great Drives: Siberian ice-driving in a Mazda CX-5

It’s illegal to drive across Russia’s largest lake, unless you have a permit from the authorities. And to get that, you need to prove you...
Cars and vans crushed, pushed around car park by avalanche in Russia

Video: Cars crushed by avalanche in Russia

An avalanche tore through a car park at the foot of Mount Elbrus in the North Caucasus republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia, on Saturday, bury
Snow and traffic jams forecast this Easter: drivers warned to take extra care on roads

Snow and traffic jams forecast this Easter

With temperatures forecast to hit minus 10C in some parts of the country this Easter, British motorists are being warned to take extra care...
Caught on camera: white-out on M62 leaves thousands stranded overnight

Drivers stuck on M62 tweet their experiences

Drivers have been sharing their experiences of tackling the M62 in blizzard-like conditions, as parts of the motorway between Leeds and Mancheste

Drivers: clean reg plates or risk £1000 fine

Drivers who fail to clean their car’s number plates could be hit with a £1000 fine.
Hero bus driver narrowly avoids car in snow as The Beast from the East and Storm Emma cause chaos on British roads

Near miss for bus as The Beast from the East hits

A bus driver was caught on camera pulling off a demon bit of driving to avoid a car that had drifted into their path yesterday afternoon.
UK weather: Drivers warned not to travel as snow brings chaos to roads across Britain

UK weather: Drivers warned not to travel in snow

Drivers in parts of Britain are being warned not to travel, as the ‘Beast from the East’ brings chaos to the roads.