Scalextric launches Harry Potter Ford Anglia

Scalextric adds Ford Anglia from Harry Potter, John Wick's Mustang and a gold James Bond DB5

We reckon we can make an Anglia fly, too

Scalextric, that inevitable scuffer of skirting boards, has just announced a new range of slot racing cars based on big screen and on-track superstars. Lovingly crafted in 1:32 scale, these miniaturised celebrities are compatible with the usual Scalextric tracks and controllers.

The range kicks off with a magical high point, as the 1959 Ford Anglia 105E from the Harry Potter series of films, complete with its distinctive blue bodywork and white roof, has been recreated. And as this is a Scalextric model, there’s a pretty good chance owners will witness it flying through the air from time to time, just like in the movies.

If you wanted to create the ultimate fictional British character car chase, you could pair it up with the famed red Jaguar MkII saloon as used by Inspector Morse for all those years on the telly. That car comes with its distinctive black vinyl roof and painted wheels, although we reckon the scale speed of the Scalextric version is probably a lot quicker than the original, with its wheezy 2.4-litre engine, could manage in real life.

Speaking of both British icons and cars that don’t go half as fast in the real world, Scalextric has also included the Series I Land Rover pick-up from Shaun The Sheep. Like the Harry Potter Anglia, it’s finished in a battered-looking pale blue paint job. Sadly, Scalextric doesn’t include some 1:32 scale sheep for it to round up.

Scalextric Shaun the Sheep Land Rover

If you want to create a more dynamic Hollywood car chase scene on the living room floor, then Scalextric is also offering several new high-performance options. There’s the James Bond Aston Martin DB5, painted gold rather than the original silver as a nod both to the 60th anniversary of the real car’s first appearance in Goldfinger, and the titular villain of that film. We don’t expect this one to talk, we expect it to die(cast).

Scalextric launches 60th-anniversary Aston Martin DB5

That can be paired with the red AMC Hornet V8 coupé from The Man With The Golden Gun, so you can pit Roger Moore against Sean Connery and see who comes out on top. Alas, you’ll have to make your own twisted bridge to recreate stuntman Loren Bumps Willert’s famed “Astro Spiral” corkscrew jump.

Of course, if you want to settle the argument with a deal more finality, you can now have a Scalextric spec Ford Mustang Boss 429, as driven by Keane Reeves in the John Wick series. Whether John Wick would have punched Bond’s ticket, if the contest ever arose, is a matter for fierce debate.

Scalextric John Wick Ford Mustang Boss

Proper motor sport options, too

Away from the silver screen, Scalextric is also launching some classic motor sports star cars. There’s Nigel Mansell’s 1987 Williams-Honda FW11B, the one in which Il Leone famously flicked left then right to dummy Nelson Piquet into moving the wrong way, before overtaking him at Silverstone’s ludicrously fast Stowe corner.

Scalextric Mansell Williams FW11B

Harking back a bit further, there’s another Jaguar, this time a MkI saloon as raced by Britain’s first F1 world champion, Mike Hawthorn. Or there’s the fabulous green-and-gold Ford Escort RSR of Jim Hutchinson, just waiting to make mincemeat out of any unsuspecting Porsches in the vicinity.

Ford Escort RSR of Jim Hutchinson in Scalextric form

You could mix classic with modern in the shape of the 1970s Porsche 911 RSR in Vaillant livery, or the current Ford Puma World Rally Championship car as driven by Ott Tanak.

There’s a pair of racers in classic pale-blue-and-orange Gulf Racing colours, too — the Williams FW45 F1 car as driven by Alex Albion at last year’s Singapore Grand Prix, and a 1960s Shelby Cobra if you want to recreate those fabulous Goodwood Revival races.

Gulf Shelby Cobra Scalextric

From Germany, there’s a choice of the 2023 Porsche 911 GT3R from ACI Motorsports, or the Richard Lloyd Racing Volkswagen Golf GTI MkI. Finally, keeping everyone safe and secure on the track, there’s a 1990s Subaru Impreza WRX in full police livery, backed up by a 1970s Dodge Monaco finished in Chicago Fire Department colours, complete with roof lights and siren.

Scalextric Police Subaru Impreza

“We’re incredibly excited to introduce this diverse range of Scalextric cars, each one offering a unique racing experience,” said Simon Owen, Scalextric’s head of brand. “From classic race cars to beloved movie vehicles, there’s something here for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned racer or a casual enthusiast.”

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