News: Horse tail-mounted camera will catch out over-eager drivers

Say ‘gee-gees’, driver; you’re on horse camera

Horse tail camera on

FIRST IT was cyclists with cameras on their helmets, then it was motorists with their dashcams, now horse riders are fitting video cameras — to their steeds’ tails.

Riders fed up with inconsiderate drivers failing to slow down or passing too close have become the latest road users to turn to hi-tech video cameras to record transgressions and use the footage in potential prosecutions.

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The miniature camera is attached to a custom-made hi-vis sleeve that is slipped over the top of the horse’s tail and includes a message reading “Smile you’re on camera”. The camera records all traffic approaching the rider from behind. It is accurate enough to give an indication of speed, as well as show how much room the driver gives when overtaking.

The device has been invented by David Daly, 43, from Staffordshire. He claims the camera, which costs £49.95 from, has already received 50 orders in the first week.