Fuel pump prices surge in ‘bleak’ April for motorists

Motorists had to contend with a big spike in fuel prices last month, with petrol rising by nearly 6p per litre.
Supermarkets confirm petrol price cuts as wholesale fuel values fall

Supermarkets cut petrol prices by 2p per litre

With wholesale petrol values continuing to fall, four supermarkets in quick succession have said they'll be reducing pump prices by 2p per litre.

New scheme launched to end service station rip-off

Motorists will no longer face rip-off petrol prices at motorway service stations under a Government crackdown.
Petrol prices

Petrol stations overcharged drivers £500m

UK motorists are being overcharged at filling stations by at least £2.50 per tank, a report has revealed.

Asda suspends trial of £99 fuel deposit

Asda has suspended a controversial trial that saw motorists hit with a £99 deposit when buying fuel at its petrol stations.
Expert says drivers should stay out of petrol station shops and pay at the pump to avoid obesity

Drivers: pay at the pumps to avoid obesity

No driver can miss the shelves laden with chocolate and sweets that surround petrol station kiosks. Carefully positioned to encourage shoppers to
Reader Letters: Hearse campers, VW emissions fix failures, EV battery swapping, dash cams, Shell V-Power costs and DVLA data

Reader Letters: VW failures and fun in a hearse

I was interested to read about Peter James’s 1967 hearse (“Me and My Motor”, August 13). When I was an accountancy student in the mid-1960s...
BP plan for electric car chargers in petrol station forecourts

BP plan for electric car charging points

One of Britain’s biggest fuel companies has unveiled plans to fit electric car charge points in forecourts amid government pressure to...
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Letters of the week, September 6

This week: The responsibilities of all road users, Ireland's low cost fuel, politeness, world numberplate differences, head-up displays and more...
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Rural Britain facing ruin as independent petrol stations...

As fuel discounting by supermarkets drives small petrol stations to the wall, motorists are being forced to travel further to find fuel...
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News: Shell allows drivers to pay for fuel by smartphone

Drivers have long been told not to use their phone at a petrol station, but in an apparent about-turn Shell is positively encouraging it, by introducing...
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News: Motorway service stations accused of rip-off...

Every driver knows that motorway services tend to be the most expensive places to fill up with fuel. Customers are typically charged a premium for...
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News: Falling demand and supermarket price war drives...

If you think fuel pump prices are looking cheaper these days, then rejoice – they’re about to get cheaper still.