Hyundai Veloster review (2012-on)

Fancy a car with two doors on one side and one on the other? Probably not, but now there are two models offering this bizarre body configuration: the Mini Clubman estate and the Hyundai Veloster.
Kia Sorento Mk2 review (2010-2015)

Kia Sorento Mk 2 review (2010-2015)

In these days of sleek crossovers and sophisticated soft-roaders, 4x4s such as the Kia Sorento and its sister model, the Hyundai Santa Fe, seem somewhat...

Honda CR-Z review (2010-2015)

Here's proof that you can have a fair amount of fun and still save fuel: Honda's hybrid coupé is both entertaining to drive and economical to run...
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Nissan Pathfinder review (2008-2014)

The Pathfinder is a proper off-roader, as opposed to a sport utility vehicle (SUV), and is one of the few 4x4s still to be built in the old-school...
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News: Six rundown garages make £700,000 at auction

They might look like six rundown garages to you but to their new owner they were worth paying £700,000 for.
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Maserati Ghibli review (2014-on)

The Ghibli is an all-too rare alternative to the sea of German luxury saloon cars on UK roads.
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News: Nissan shows how quiet its Leaf is, just as EU...

A week after EU officials decreed that electric cars must make a noise Nissan has released a video demonstrating how impressively quiet its Leaf electric...
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Top 10 classic and future classic Citroën designs

Marking 80 years of the Traction Avant, we bring you the 10 most stylish and forward-thinking Citroëns ever.
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Right, Mr Bond, I expect you to floor it

Now that Britain’s spooks can legally break the speed limit, the former head of MI5 Jonathan Evans learns how to go on a hot pursuit and beat off...
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News: Google’s self-drive car motors towards its...

Google claims its driverless car's software can now detect hundreds of distinct objects simultaneously
Honda Civic Mk8 review (2006-2012)

Honda Civic Mk8 review (2006-2012)

The Civic, one of the longest-running model-ranges in the automotive world, has been doing the practical-hatchback thing all over the globe since...
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Ferrari 599 GTB review (2006-2012)

For many purists, the 599 GTB is the apotheosis of what a Ferrari should be. It has a V12 engine in the front and is driven from the rear alone.