Two-thirds of British holidaymakers can’t recognise European road signs

New research suggests most could do with brushing up on their continental driving rules.
Nearly one-in-three drivers miss their junction because of obscured road signs

Obscured signs cause a third to miss motorway exit

Nearly one-in-three drivers say they've missed a motorway exit because they couldn't clearly see the junction number sign.

Bring on long-range speed cameras, say motorists

The majority of motorists are in favour of the police adopting long-range speed cameras, a new survey has found. 
Over 40% of motorists want older drivers to be banned

Many motorists want elderly drivers to be banned

It would appear that Prince Philip’s car crash in January this year has done nothing for the reputation of older drivers
Is your numberplate legal? Most drivers can't tell, survey reveals

Most motorists cant identify a legal numberplate

A survey has found most drivers don't know what the fines for using illegal numberplates are — and even more can't identify a legal design.

Drivers compensated £12,000 for speed bump damage

UK councils have paid out over £35,000 in compensation to motorists who have had their cars damaged by speed bumps, a new report has discovered.
These are the top five must-have features for car buyers

These are the top five must-have car features

Car buyers have said loud and clear what they need to have on their motors – and which extras they're more than happy to avoid paying extra for.
Over a third of motorists lack confidence when driving

More than a third of motorists lack confidence

More than a third of UK drivers admit they feel scared, nervous or uneasy when they’re behind the wheel, a survey by Nissan has found.
Both men and women turned off by 'hyper-masculine' car adverts

Both men and women turned off by masculine car ads

Car adverts featuring luxury sports cars driven by villainous men and featuring high-octane car chases are not only a turn-off for women...

Car hire add-ons still come as a surprise

Car hire companies are still smuggling hidden extras into the small print of contracts, leaving holidaymakers with higher than expected bills...
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98% of drivers would fail theory test if they retook...

Fewer than one in 50 drivers remember enough of the Highway Code to pass their theory test again, a new study suggests.
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Survey: Are you confused by motoring jargon?

If you're not immersed in the world of cars, even relatively simple car terminology can be confusing.
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Exclusive: Survey confirms British motorists’ uncertainty...

We've all done it: chastised another motorist for driving in a manner we believe is contrary to the guidelines – and sometime laws – laid out...