Government urged to make 20mph the default speed limit in towns

One-third of UK roads now have 20mph limit, as urban areas seek to reduce limits to protect vulnerable road users.
Automatic speed limiters? Bring them on

Opinion: Automatic speed limiters? Bring them on

New cars will, within three years, be fitted with automatic speed limiters. And that's a good thing, argues Will Dron.
Automatic speed limiters for new cars approved by European Commission

Automatic speed limiters for new cars approved

All new cars will automatically adhere to speed limits on public roads within the next three years under new EU rules.
Jim Dyke, 32, said he'd had enough of drivers speeding through his home village of Clows Top, Worcester, that decided to take matters into his own hands. The carpenter took just three hours to construct his own fake speed camera .

Man builds fake speed camera, drivers slow down

Some drivers see speed cameras as a plague but one man was so desperate to slow down the cars passing his door that he erected his own fake Gatso
Ministers slam brakes on costly speed awareness courses

Ministers slam brakes on anti‑speeding courses

Ministers will launch a crackdown on speed awareness classes after concerns that they do not change drivers’ habits and are a way for police forc

Reader Letters: Rev reverence and speed confusion

Tony Inchley asks whether regular drivers need rev counters. My children and I were taught by my husband to use the rev counter almost to the...
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Letters of the week, July 26

This week: Undertaking feedback, electric car grid impact, and how to be sure to avoid a speeding fine.
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News: Speed limiters may be made compulsory for new...

Devices that stop cars being driven above the speed limit could become compulsory on new vehicles, along with “black box” accident data recorders.
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Guy Martin on his Volvo: the fastest car in Britain

The daredevil Guy Martin, superbike rider, engineer and holder of countless speed records, has had Porsches and Astons but says none can match his...
Guinness World Records reinstates Bugatti Veyron record

Guinness World Records reinstates Veyron record

One week after deciding to withdraw the award of world's fastest car from the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport, Guinness World Records has restored...