Clarkson’s funniest comments of 2019

Jeremy Clarkson's televisual activities don't seem to have blunted his written word a jot, thankfully, as this collection of quotes proves.
The 24 most ridiculous car names ever

The 24 most ridiculous car names ever

Japan is infamous for silly car names but the practice isn't exclusive to Far East car makers. Ford, Austin, Vauxhall and more are all guilty.
Will Smith shows Lewis Hamilton how to wave a chequered flag

Video: Will Smith shows how to wave chequered flag

You can't let just anyone wave a chequered flag at the end of a motor race. That's according to actor Will Smith.
This real-life Grand Theft Auto parody is as hilarious as it it impressive

Video: Real-life GTA game parody is hilarious

Of course, stealing cars for real is no laughing matter but if you've spent many hours doing just that in the virtual worlds of GTA.
The best motoring gifs in the world part 1

The best motoring gifs in the world part 1

Gifs ... what the internet was made for.
The Clarkson Review: Wolseley 1500 Mk 1

The Clarkson Review: 1957 Wolseley 1500 Mk 1

I feel such an idiot. For 20-odd years I have been coming here and — foolishly, as it’s turned out — talking about cars from exotic places such...
Clarkson ‘gives Brits what they want’ with review of 1950s Wolseley

Clarkson ‘gives Brits what they want’ with review...

Jeremy Clarkson made no secret of his support for the "remain" campaign during the run-up to the EU referendum ...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

News: Father's painfully honest car advert goes viral

A father’s brutally honest used-car ad has become an internet hit. The long-suffering dad describes the vehicle as perfect for any teenage lad...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

Video: Jim Carrey's Lincoln adverts are laugh out loud...

Lincoln may not sell cars this side of The Pond but you don't have to be American to appreciate these spoof adverts featuring Jim Carrey.
Jeremy Clarkson quotes: foreigners

Clarkson on: foreigners

Jeremy Clarkson has managed to land himself in hot water with Indians, Mexicans, Malaysians, Americans ... in fact, pretty much everyone in the world