Audi agrees to pay £700m fine for diesel emissions scandal

Audi has agreed to pay a fine of €800m (£701m) for its role in the diesel emissions scandal that was uncovered in 2015.
Drive too close to the car in front and risk £100 fine in new clampdown on tailgaters

Tailgaters risk £100 fine in new clampdown

Tailgaters will be fined £100 for driving too close to the car in front as part of a new crackdown on antisocial drivers by police.

Drivers still unaware of harsher mobile penalties

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of drivers remain unaware of the penalties associated with being caught using a handheld phone

VW fined another €1bn for dieselgate

Volkswagen's 'dieselgate' penalty continues to grow, as German prosecuters fine the firm an additional €1bn for its role in the diesel crisis.
UK has second highest fine in Europe for using phone while driving

UK has second highest fine in EU for phone use

Motorists in the UK are slapped with some of the highest fines in Europe for using a handheld mobile phone while driving, a new study has found.
Millions of German car owners may be owed compensation in BMW, Daimler, VW cartel claims

BMW, VW and Mercedes accused of cartel

Millions of motorists could be owed compensation after the EU launched an investigation into alleged collusion between BMW, Daimler and VW.
Motorway average speed camera fines

Reader Letters: Speeding fines and spare keys

"My sympathies are with David Holden, for I was caught on a motorway doing 46mph in a 40mph average-speed-check zone..."
Driving advice dealing with an emergency vehicle and avoiding penalty fines

What to do if an emergency vehicle needs to pass

What driver doesn’t want to do their bit and allow an emergency services vehicle to pass? Most will go out of their way to help speed the journey
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‘Cash machines for councils’ — bus lane fines...

The number of bus lane penalty charge notices issued by councils outside London has rocketed by 64%, swelling local authority coffers...
Dartford crossing fines appeals errors

Driving investigates why Dartford Crossing cameras...

An error-plagued toll scheme at one of Britain’s busiest road bottlenecks has resulted in twice as many fines as those generated by all our speed...
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London ‘pollution penalty’ may hit diesel cars...

Drivers of diesel cars could be hit with a “pollution penalty” every time they enter London
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News: Drivers could be refunded millions in "illegal"...

A new study by the RAC Foundation has revealed that millions of pounds-worth of parking tickets issued on private land could be illegal, and that...
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News: Cardiff council to fine drivers for yellow-box...

Cardiff council has become the first local authority outside London to begin fining drivers who become stranded in yellow boxes, using CCTV cameras...