The next step in pedestrian safety: airbags in clothing

You are walking along the street minding your own business when the jacket you are wearing detects an object hurtling towards you — and in a spli
Mercedes airbag recall involves 400,000 British cars

Mercedes airbag recall affects 400,000 UK cars

Mercedes is asking nearly 400,000 British drivers to return their luxury cars for urgent repairs, after airbags on around 30 of its vehicles...
Britax wants to put airbags in child seats - but car makers refuse to help

Child seat makers introducing airbags

Child seats fitted with airbags are to go on sale in a move that is likely to prompt new debate over children’s safety in cars.
The Fixer: My Audi Q5 had a safety recall, now I’m being charged to stop it happening again

Charged for repairs after Q5 recall

Although no car is immune to faults, owners of premium cars expect a certain level of quality and, should a problem arise, for it to be dealt...
Letters of the week

Reader letters: from cleaner motoring to pricy parts

VW is in hot water for creating a clever piece of technology, but could it not be used beneficially?
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Number of airbags in cars set to triple

Have we reached peak airbag? Nearly.
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Volvo recalls new XC90 over airbag trim-panel glitch

Volvo’s executives beamed with pride as they announced the new XC90 SUV was “one of the safest cars in the world”
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Drivers forced to live with killer airbags in Takata...

Thousands of motorists are being forced to drive cars that have been recalled on safety grounds even though manufacturers admit there is a danger...
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Letters of the week, May 17

This week: Speed trap tough love, smart motorways, BMW faulty airbags, Corvette tight squeeze, spare wheels, is car ride quality getting worse...
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News: Faulty airbags lead to recall of 100,000-plus...

More than 100,000 British cars are to be recalled for safety reasons as the scandal over faulty airbags refuses to go away
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My BMW was recalled over safety fears and I've not...

Q. My BMW 3-series is the subject of a recall to replace the front passenger airbag. Although I was alerted to this in November
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Ten amazing bits of car technology we take for granted

Every morning millions of motorists jump into their car and rely on essential components such as the lights, wipers and heater to ensure their drive...
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News: Honda recalls more cars in Britain over exploding...

A deadly fault that causes shrapnel to be fired out of airbags in a crash has claimed its fifth victim and led to the recall of thousands more cars...