Teen driver crashes after clipping lorry while joining highway

A teenage driver in Oklahoma found out the hard way how not to join a fast-moving highway from a slip road.
Young drivers using black boxes ‘as safe as older drivers’

Black boxes make young drivers as safe as anyone

The notion that young drivers are more likely to crash than older drivers has been turned on its head by new data from a car insurance company sp
German teenager banned from driving 49 minutes after passing test

Teen gets driving ban 49 mins after passing test

A German teenager has been banned from driving just 49 minutes after passing his test, after police caught him breaking the speed limit.
Parents paying hundreds of pounds to keep young drivers on the roads

Parents spend hundreds keeping children on road

With costs for under 25s continuing to rise, parents are having to contribute more and more money to keep young drivers behind the wheel.
Minnesotan teenager survives surprise sinkhole crash

Video: Minnesotan teen survives sinkhole crash

A teenage driver in the US state of Minnesota has had a very lucky escape, after emerging unscathed from a sinkhole in the road.
New drivers develop bad habits and turn into 'bad drivers' in just 10 weeks

New drivers develop bad habits in just 10 weeks

New motorists develop bad habits and turn into 'bad drivers' in just 10 weeks, according to a new poll. 
Young driver courses

What young driver courses are there for children aged...

Young car fans don’t need a provisional licence to roar round a track or try parallel parking. Driving finds races and lessons for children aged...
Learner drivers can now get motorway lessons ... but most Brits want it included in test

Most Brits want motorway lessons included in test

From today, learner drivers in England, Scotland and Wales can now have lessons on motorways. However, most seem to believe more needs to be done
One million drivers may have fake car insurance as ghost brokers take hold

Up to a million drivers may have fake insurance

A crackdown on easy credit is claimed to have led up to one million drivers to take out illegitimate car insurance.
Britain may have hit ‘peak car’ as young driver numbers fall sharply

Young drivers choose car subscription

Young drivers are continuing to steer away from car ownership in favour of a mobile phone-style monthly subscription, according to new data.
What spanners: older drivers nervous of DIY wasting £390m on car repairs

Millennials better at car maintenance than parents

It's a commonly held belief among older drivers that young people don’t know a dipstick from a crankshaft, but new research suggests...
New drivers face night ban, second test after probationary period

New drivers face night ban

Young motorists could be banned from the road at night if plans for probationary driving licences are approved.
Britain may have hit ‘peak car’ as young driver numbers fall sharply

Britain may have hit ‘peak car'

Britain may have reached “peak car” after government-backed research showed that the number of teenagers holding a driving licence has plummeted.