Minnesotan teenager survives surprise sinkhole crash

And we thought UK roads were in a sorry state.

A TEENAGE driver in the US state of Minnesota has had a very lucky escape, after emerging unscathed from a sinkhole.

Caused by heavy rainfall washing away a culvert underneath the road, the sinkhole managed to swallow up most of the teen’s massive Buick Park Avenue saloon.

Despite the vertical plunge into the sinkhole below, the 5.2m Buick doesn’t look too badly damaged. Even more impressively, the young driver managed to survive the crash unscathed; using the car’s rear window to make his escape.

According to local police officers, the Minnesotan motorist’s life was saved in part by the correct use of his car’s seatbelt.

Local reports claim the 16 year-old has only been driving his Buick for “the last few weeks”, having only passed his test in June.

Credit: Renville County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful