Teen driver crashes after clipping lorry while joining highway

Learning the hard way

A TEENAGE driver in Oklahoma found out the hard way how not to join a fast-moving highway from a slip road.

The dash cam footage released by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol shows the moment an 18-year old driver spun out on a stretch of highway near the city of Tulsa, after trying to join the road ahead of a nearby lorry.

The novice motorist tried to accelerate ahead of the truck instead of slowing and slipping in behind it, clipping the front of the heavy goods vehicle, which sent his car spinning into the central reservation.

The car, now facing the wrong way, was then involved in a head-on collision with a Dodge Avenger saloon that was passing the truck on the other side.

Though it was a hefty shunt, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol says no one was injured in the collision. The force was also given permission by the young driver’s father to share the footage, so it could be used for “training purposes”.

Credit: Oklahoma Highway Patrol via Storyful

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