Man dies after horror lorry crash and blaze on M40 motorway

A huge fire caused by a fatal crash involving three lorries brought all traffic to a halt on a stretch of the M40 motorway this morning.
Pick-up truck slides into McLaren 720S supercar in Thailand

Video: Pick-up crashes into McLaren supercar

A McLaren driver had to have his supercar towed away, after a pick-up truck drove into the back of the 200mph+ two-seater.
Australian dangerous driver nearly crashes on highway

Video: Aussie motorist swerves all over the place

Middle lane hogs may be hated by motorway users, but they're much preferred to this Aussie driver caught veering across all available lanes.
People sent flying as car smashes into stationary pick-up truck in Toronto

Video: People sent flying in Canadian SUV smash

Footage from a recovery vehicle captured the shocking moment two cars came together on a highway in south-eastern Canada, scattering people...
105mph in a 40 limit: teenage biker caught by own helmet camera

105mph in a 40 limit: biker caught on own camera

A teenage motorcyclist has been found guilty of excessive speeding, after footage from his own helmet camera showed him doing 105mph along an...
Multiple car crash completely blocks M25 motorway

Multiple car crash completely blocks M25 motorway

A crash involving multiple cars closed all four lanes of the M25 London Orbital motorway yesterday, bringing traffic to a standstill.

Road users to be encouraged to use M6 Toll

More road users will be encouraged to use the M6 Toll road at peak times, if new plans are officially given the go-ahead.
Pickup truck hits central reservation, smashes down lamp posts

Pickup truck smashes down lamp posts

The driver of a pickup truck was taken away in handcuffs after losing control of the vehicle, mounting the central reservation and knocking over
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News: ‘Scalextric’ recharging to be tested on motorway

A section of British motorway will be fitted with a Scalextric-type system to recharge electric cars on the move next year, under plans in a document...
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News: 290 drivers nabbed in two days as police target...

Drivers on the M5 last week will have been forgiven for thinking the chancellor George Osborne had found some spare change under the Treasury’s...
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How to beat the bank holiday traffic jams

With 14m cars flooding Britain's arteries this weekend, Driving reveals the worst congestion hotspots and how to ensure they don't spoil your break...
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Car clinic: What happens if you lose your French motorway...

Q. What happens if you lose your French motorway ticket?
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Top 10 excuses for stopping on a motorway hard shoulder

A driver who stopped on the hard shoulder of a motorway told a patrolman he did so when he saw the word “fire” on his car’s dashboard, only...