Pick-up truck crashes into McLaren 720S supercar in Thailand

Crash, bang(kok), wallop

A MCLAREN driver in Thailand had his prized supercar towed away after a pick-up truck drove into the back of the 200mph+ two-seater.

Captured on the dash cam of another road user, the collision took place on a stretch of motorway near Bangkok as the 720S was slowing down for a traffic jam ahead.

A Chevrolet pick-up behind wasn’t able to scrub off enough speed and slid into the back of the McLaren.

In an effort to steer away from the British  supercar, the Chevy also struck a black Toyota in the far left lane.

While the accident doesn’t look too severe, the McLaren was towed away following the collision and it’s likely to be an expensive ding; the 720S retails for the equivalent of £661,000 in Thailand.

Though reports say the pick-up driver admitted full responsibility for the crash, the McLaren owner doesn’t emerge from the incident whiter than white; his car was filmed with a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series driving above the road’s 120km/h (74mph) speed limit.

Credit: Werayut Kaewkaew