Pick-up truck crashes into McLaren 720S supercar in Thailand

A McLaren driver had to have his supercar towed away, after a pick-up truck drove into the back of the 200mph+ two-seater.

Two injured as steel pile crushes Mercedes

Two people in Thailand had a lucky escape after their Mercedes was crushed as a steel pile on a construction site fell onto their car.
Jeremy Clarkson weighs in on that infamous Elon Musk rescue diver tweet

Clarkson's take on Elon Musk's diver comments

It's only appropriate for the UK's most outspoken motoring writer to provide his take on the latest controversy surrounding Elon Musk.
Police officer directs traffic while 'riding' dinosaur

Video: Cop directs traffic while 'riding' dinosaur

A police officer in Thailand has been filmed directing traffic while wearing a costume that makes him appear to be riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex.