Pick-up truck crashes into McLaren 720S supercar in Thailand

A McLaren driver had to have his supercar towed away, after a pick-up truck drove into the back of the 200mph+ two-seater.

Texan smashes pick-up into supermarket.

A Texan motorist caused $500,000 (£379,540) of damage, and endangered lives, after smashing his pick-up truck straight through a supermarket.
Volkswagen and Ford in develop commercial vehicles in surprise

VW and Ford to form "strategic alliance"

In a sign of the ever-changing face of the modern motor industry, car giants VW Group and Ford are joining forces in "strategic alliance".
Three cars crushed as pick-up truck crash lands in Australia

Three cars crushed in pick-up truck crash

Several road users miraculously survived a horrific crash in Australia, after a pick-up truck landed on three cars.
Watch this dog drive a truck into phone shop

Watch this dog drive a truck into phone shop

Dogs are meant to be man's best friend but you'd probably have a bit of a falling out with Fido if they drove your pick-up truck into a shop.
Men in 4x4 stuck in mud made farewell videos as crocodiles circled

Men in 4x4 stuck in mud as crocs circled

Two men who clung to the roof of their stranded car for five days in northwestern Australia as large crocodiles circled them recorded farewell...
Volkswagen Amarok 2017 review

Five top tough-as-nails pick-up trucks tested

Once they were the preserve of hard-working builders and farmers with flocks of sheep to tend to. Now the humble pick-up truck has undergone a...
Tesla reveals plans to build a pick-up truck and affordable SUV

Tesla reveals plans to build a pick-up truck and affordable...

The pick-up truck is American as Mom's apple pie, baseball and The Bronx. For decades, super-size beasts like the Ford F-series, Chevrolet Silverado...
Me and My Motor: Eddie the Eagle Edwards

Me and My Motor: 'Eddie the Eagle' Edwards

One of the most memorable images in Olympic history was the sight of Michael Edwards soaring – or falling, to be more precise – from the ski jump...
Singer Paul Young with his Ford Mustang: Sunday Times Driving Me and My Motor

Me and My Motor: Paul Young on Vauxhall Vivas, supercars...

In the 1980s Paul Young had a string of top 10 hits, three chart-topping albums and an army of swooning teenage fans...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

2015 Volkswagen Amarok pick-up review

Once regarded in Britain as the preserve of builders and landscape gardeners, pick-ups are increasingly seen carrying mums, dads and their rosy-cheeked...
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Renault enters UK pick-up market with purposeful Alaskan

Renault will attempt to wrestle the Tough Mudder image from its sister brand Nissan when it launches the Alaskan pick-up in 2016
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All-new 2016 Nissan NP300 Navara pick-up details and...

Having launched its first pick-up in 1935, Nissan should know a thing or two about them by now so its all-new 12th generation Navara ...