Chevrolet builds pick-up truck entirely out of Lego

Full-sized mock-up took over 2,000 hours to build

Pick-up trucks are often used to carry bricks but being made out of them? That’s what the master builders at Chevrolet attempted with a full-size Silverado made entirely out of Lego.

The Lego Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab — in its mid-range “LT Trail Boss” trim, to be precise — has been built to coincide with the release of the second Lego Movie. 

Unlike the 1:1 scale Lego Bugatti Chiron that was created last year, the Lego Silverado can’t be driven under its own power, but that doesn’t mean it was child’s play to assemble: according to the car maker it took the team of 18 builders more than 2,000 hours to complete.

The finished article is 6ft tall, 8ft wide and 20ft long, and the 334,544 pieces mean it’s no lightweight, tipping the scales at a hefty 1.5 tonnes (approximately 600kg less than the real thing). Impressive detailing includes functioning headlights and a tread pattern that matches that of the road-going Silverado.

Though the 1:1 scale Lego Silverado is undoubtedly impressive, it isn’t Chevrolet’s first attempt at building a full-sized car out of the construction blocks. As a promotional tie-in with 2017’s Lego Batman movie, the car maker assembled a 17ft long Batmobile as it appeared in the animated blockbuster.

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