Icy conditions trigger three-car crash on Ohio overpass

Bridges can freeze first and remain icy for longer

OHIO State Highway Patrol released dash cam video showing a scary crash involving three cars and a pedestrian on an icy overpass.

The footage shows a Dodge pick-up truck driver losing control of his vehicle on a frozen bridge. After veering across the highway and striking a roadside barrier, the Dodge collides with a Freightliner lorry, which causes the articulated vehicle to jack-knife.

Now out of control, pushes the pick-up straight into the owner of a Ford Crown Victoria, who was standing beside his own stricken saloon on the highway’s hard shoulder.

Though the Ford and Freightliner drivers received only minor injuries and were treated at the scene by medical staff, the man behind the wheel of the pick-up was submitted to hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

The collision also resulted in the stretch of highway being closed for several hours, due to the lengthy clean-up operation for a diesel fuel spill.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol released the footage to highlight the dangers of driving over bridges and overpasses in winter, pointing out that they can freeze first and remain icy when other sections of pavement are frost free.

Credit: Ohio State Highway Patrol via Storyful