Drivers may be hit with £40 penalty for leaving their cars idling to defrost windscreens

Drivers have been warned that they may face a £40 penalty for idling their cars to defrost windscreens.
The five best winter tyres

Seven of the best winter tyres for 2022

With snow falling, some drivers across the country are once again questioning whether or not this is the year to invest in winter tyres.
Winder driving snow wheel close up

British drivers unprepared for winter breakdowns

Winter is upon us but a new survey suggests many drivers are at risk of being stranded in the snow if their car breaks down.
Pick-up truck driver hospitalised after ice smashes through windscreen

Driver injured by ice smashing through windscreen

A pick-up truck driver in New Hampshire has been admitted to hospital, after ice smashed through his windscreen, striking him on the head.
Icy conditions trigger three-car crash on highway in Ohio

Video: Ice causes three-way crash in Ohio

Police in America have released footage of a three-way car crash on icy roads to highlight the extra danger posed by overpasses.
Hero bus driver narrowly avoids car in snow as The Beast from the East and Storm Emma cause chaos on British roads

Near miss for bus as The Beast from the East hits

A bus driver was caught on camera pulling off a demon bit of driving to avoid a car that had drifted into their path yesterday afternoon.
UK weather: Drivers warned not to travel as snow brings chaos to roads across Britain

UK weather: Drivers warned not to travel in snow

Drivers in parts of Britain are being warned not to travel, as the ‘Beast from the East’ brings chaos to the roads.
Video: Nigel Mansell and Tim Shallcross from IAM Roadsmart's winter driving tips

Video: Nigel Mansell's winter driving tips

Nigel Mansell, 1992 Formula One World Champion, knows a thing or two about car control. Here he talks safe driving in winter.
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Buying Guide: Fantastic four-wheel-drive used cars...

The days of the Chelsea tractor are long gone. Four-wheel drive is now fitted to cars of all shapes and sizes
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Why do my VW Golf's rear windows mist up in cold weather...

Q. The rear windows in our 2008 Volkswagen Golf TDI often mist up while driving in cold weather. They can also take several minutes to clear when...
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Video: Ken Block shows us round his outrageous Ford...

Ken Block doesn’t do things by halves: when he wants to go for a drive, he has the streets of San Francisco shut down and proceeds to tear up the...
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Letters of the week, January 4

This week: tailgating, scrapping paper licences and winter driving
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How should you drive a rear-wheel-drive car in snow...

Q. I recently bought a new BMW and am a little concerned about how to handle a rear-wheel-drive car as the wintry weather approaches. Any advice?...