FedEx to begin self-driving truck trials on US highways between Dallas and Houston

US parcel delivery firm FedEx is to begin testing a fleet of self-driving trucks on highways in the state of Texas in partnership with Aurora.
HGV in London

Diesel HGV ban for 2040

It has been confirmed today that the government plans to ban the sale of diesel lorries in the UK by 2040, at the latest.
Lorry drivers stuck at border will be given access to France upon negative coronavirus test

Deal struck with France to allow freight to resume

The chief of the Road Haulage Association has praised the Transport Secretary after a deal was struck allowing essential travel to France.
Research calls for long-haul e-highways for motorways and A-roads

Motorways could get power lines for EV lorries

A government-backed study has recommended that slow lanes on motorways should be transformed into “e-highways” for lorries.
Maryland Police pull over 500 trucks in single day for safety inspections

Police inspect 500 trucks in single day

More than 100 lorries were taken out of service in a single day by Maryland State Police, in an effort to remove unsafe and unfit...
Icy conditions trigger three-car crash on highway in Ohio

Video: Ice causes three-way crash in Ohio

Police in America have released footage of a three-way car crash on icy roads to highlight the extra danger posed by overpasses.

DAF Trucks' delivers first electric lorry

DAF Trucks has begun putting its new pure-electric lorry to the test, as a short range delivery vehicle for a Dutch supermarket chain.
British lorry operators found to be cheating diesel emissions

British lorry operators found to be cheating diese

Hauliers in the UK have been caught cheating emissions regulations designed to prevent air pollution.
Driving the Tesla Semi: the electric lorry with 500 miles of range and Autopilot

Driving the Tesla Semi, a 500-mile electric lorry

I’m sitting in the form-fitting driver’s seat of Elon Musk’s most powerful electric vehicle, flanked by high-definition touchscreens...
Revealed: the dangerous defects found on foreign and British lorries

Revealed: the dangerous defects found on lorries

FOREIGN LORRY drivers are more likely than their British counterparts to be driving vehicles with lethal defects. One in eight foreign-registered
Diesel cars pumping out twice the toxins of lorries and buses

Diesel cars pump out twice the toxins of lorries

Modern diesel cars produce more than twice as much toxic gas as a lorry or bus of the same age, analysis has found.
Land Rover Defender - Sunday Times Driving reader letters

Reader Letters: Brexit cars, HGV manners and more

The Land Rover Defender, reviewed by you last month...
Reader Letters: Illuminated controls, defining a vintage car, HGV dragsters and another fine maths

Reader Letters: Illuminated controls, defining a vintage...

I enjoyed Jeremy Clarkson’s piece on the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio (“Foot down, I’m in clover”, July 24). I must say, though, that if...