Australia rolls out roadside cameras designed to catch drivers using mobile phones

Cameras that are specifically designed to catch drivers using mobile phones will soon be launched in New South Wales in Australia.

Video: Teen driver causes highway crash

A teenage driver in Oklahoma found out the hard way how not to join a fast-moving highway from a slip road.

Police in Florida rescue driver from ablaze car

Police officers in Florida were able to rescue a driver from a burning Mazda 5, after the people carrier smashed into a police car on a highway.

Police use dummies to curb dangerous driving

Police officers in Arizona employed a new tactic to cut down on dangerous driving offences: dressing up mannequins as traffic cops.
Police officer directs traffic while 'riding' dinosaur

Video: Cop directs traffic while 'riding' dinosaur

A police officer in Thailand has been filmed directing traffic while wearing a costume that makes him appear to be riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Laywer Nick Freeman calls for a ban on hands-free phone use

Ban hands-free phone use in cars, says lawyer

With a successful career spent defending wealthy and famous clients from driving convictions, it’s little wonder that Nick Freeman enjoys the nic