Best small cars to buy in 2022

The city car class is the entry point to the new-car market in the UK. And there's a surprising amount of choice.
Fiat Panda gallery: 40 years of the utilitarian icon

Fiat Panda gallery: 40 years of the cult icon

Giorgetto Giugiaro may have designed some era-defining supercars, but few of the designer's cars have enjoyed the longevity of the Fiat Panda.
Sunday Times Motor Awards 2019: Best Citycar and Small Car of the Year. Vauxhall Corsa

Motor Awards: Best Small Car of the Year nominees

Voting is open in the Sunday Times Motor Awards 2019, Here is the rundown of all the contenders for Best Citycar and Small Car of the Year.
2018 Sunday Times Motor Awards 2018: Best City / Small cars

Motor Awards: Vote for your best city / small car

Voting is open in The Sunday Times Motor Awards 2018. Here is a rundown of the City/Small Car of the Year presented by Virgin Radio contenders.
Reader Letters: touchscreen distraction, MoT emissions, stop start, no-parking signs and small car syndrome

Reader Letters: touchscreen distraction, emissions

Richard Porter’s review of the Volvo XC40 refers to the dangers of operating a touchscreen while driving. This is as dangerous as texting...
Ford Fiesta review (2017 on)

Ford Fiesta review (2017 on)

The Ford Fiesta is like a two-up, two-down: the backbone of Britain, suiting people from all walks of life
New 2017 Renault Clio pricing, details and pictures

Modest makeover for France's popular Renault Clio supermini

Coming from one of the most opinionated nations on earth, the facelift of the Renault Clio, one of France’s most enduring cars, seems as subtle...
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Test your knowledge: What cult Japanese cars are famed...

With its bonsai trees and capsule hotels, Japan may seem to love the miniature. And there's one other example of Japan's obsession with downsizing:...
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News: Lexus may take on Mini with LF-SA small car

Small cars are big business. Of the 10 bestselling cars in Britain last year four were tiddlers, which no doubt explains why Lexus, Toyota's premium...
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Top 100 Cars 2014: Top 10 City Cars

It's no longer sufficient for a city car simply to be small enough to park in the tightest space, have the boot space for a supermarket shop and boast...
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Top 100 Cars 2014: Top 10 Superminis

Superminis rock. Drive a really good one and you may find yourself considering anything bigger or more expensive as pointlessly profligate. They weren’t...
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News: Hyundai reveals new i20 small car

Superminis are one of the most popular types of car with British drivers. Three new models will go on sale early next year - the Hyundai i20, Mazda...
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News: Smart reveals the 2015 Fortwo city car

Are you getting fed up with so-called city cars that are barely able to squeeze into a parking bay? Perhaps the time has come to consider the Smart...