Volkswagen expects ID.4 electric car sales to hit 100,000 in first year

Volkswagen predicts that it could deliver "well over" 100,000 units of its new ID.4 electric SUV during 2021, it revealed yesterday.
Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4 get augmented reality head-up displays

Volkswagen introduces augmented reality HUDs

Head-up displays are about to take a technological leap as Volkswagen introduces augmented reality into its ID.3 and ID.4 electric cars.
VW unveils ID.4 electric SUV

Volkswagen ID.4 revealed with 323-mile range

VW has this evening unveiled the ID.4, a pure-electric compact SUV with a claimed range of 323 miles.
Volkswagen's latest EV goes into production

Volkswagen's latest EV goes into production

With the imminent launch of the ID.4 EV SUV, Volkswagen has signalled its aim to be a world leader in the production of electric vehicles.