Volkswagen ID.4 breaks longest journey by electric vehicle world record at 35,770 miles

A Volkswagen ID.4 has broken the world record for the 'longest continuous journey by an electric vehicle (non-solar) in a single country'.
Toyota Mirai sets Guinness World Record for distance travelled

Toyota Mirai hydrogen car sets economy record

The Toyota Mirai, the firm's hydrogen fuel cell-powered saloon, has set a new Guinness World Record for driving the longest distance.
SSC owner responds to doubts about production car speed record

SSC boss admits speed record video was incorrect

Jerod Shelby has published a statement responding to doubts about the legitimacy of the world record claimed to have been set by the company.
Doubts surface about SSC’s Tuatara record run

Doubts cast on SSC Tuatara record speed run

Questions are surfacing regarding the legitimacy of the alleged production car speed record set by the SSC Tuatara last week.
Meaner than ever: Honda's new Mean Mower Mk. 2 is a 134mph+ beast

Honda's new Mean Mower Mk. 2 is a 134mph+ beast

Honda's newest hot model features a screaming 190bhp engine that red lines at 13,000rpm and can hit a claimed "134mph+", but it's not a hot...
Hennessey claims mind-blowing 311mph top speed for Venom F5 hypercar

Hennessey claims 311mph top speed for Venom F5

We may be in an age of increasing fuel economy and tightening emissions standards but it looks like we're also entering a new era of...
Han Yue believe it: stunt driver laps Nurburgring on two wheels

Video: Stunt driver laps Nürburgring on two wheels

Han Yue, a stunt driver from China, has used a humble Mini to set a new lap record at the Nürburgring – driving on two wheels
Nissan GT-R and Masato Kawabata claim Guinness World Record for 189mph drift

Drifting at 189mph secures GT-R Nismo a Guinness world...

It sounds like a challenge set by the producers of Top Gear: you must drift your car, at speed, and secure a Guinness world record.
Guy Martin set a new Guinness World Record for riding on the Wall of Death at 78.15mph

Watch Guy Martin set new 78mph record on the Wall of...

Guy Martin has successfully beaten the record for riding a motorbike around a Wall of Death. The motorcycle racer, TV star and daredevil lapped a...
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Mini driver wins Guinness parallel parking record

A stunt driver has claimed the Guinness world record for the tightest reverse parallel park, by shoehorning his Mini into a space that left a combined...
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News: Tractor sets 88.88mph record on snow

A four-time world rally champion has added a speed record to his already impressive CV by tackling a course at an average of 88.88mph
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1,000mph Bloodhound SSC rocket car is the ultimate...

What youngster hasn't giddily unwrapped a new model car kit left under the Christmas tree or handed over for their birthday? But even the most advanced...