McLaren P1 hypercar designer has created ‘world’s safest’ baby seat

Frank Stephenson's latest project is a series of child seats that incorporate military-grade impact absorption technology and supercar materials.
Child seat and booster seat reviews

Buying Guide: Best child seats and boosters

Buying a child seat for your car is a minefield. Even if you're buying a seat for a second child, so you've been here and done that already...
2018 Christmas gift guide for car fans

The best motoring gifts for Christmas 2018

From books and toys to car gadgets and driving experiences, here are Driving's top Christmas present picks for car enthusiasts in 2018.

Child seat pillow protects against air pollution

Babies could be protected from the worst of urban air pollution by a pillow for prams, buggies and car seats that creates a bubble of clean air a
Britax wants to put airbags in child seats - but car makers refuse to help

Child seat makers introducing airbags

Child seats fitted with airbags are to go on sale in a move that is likely to prompt new debate over children’s safety in cars.
Buying Guide: How to choose the best car seat, plus reviews

What are the new child car seat rules?

Child car seats are a legal requirement in the UK for children from their birth until they reach 135cm tall or 12 years old...
Car Clinic: Can a child travel in a car without a car seat?

Car Clinic: Can a child travel without a car seat?

Q. I was asked to drive one of my eight-year-old daughter’s friends home in my car without a car seat. Is this legal?
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Halfords offers trade-in for child booster cushions...

For busy parents, manoeuvring bulky child seats in and out of the car can be a massive pain. So a booster cushion, which can be used legally once...
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Letters of the week, January 24

This week: child seats, stop-start engines, plug-in hybrids, vehicle tax and clamping
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Isofix is child's play, say kids in new safety video...

Child seat manufacturer takes action after 44% of parents found to be ignorant of Isofix safety system, 10 years after it was introduced.
Best booster seats

Booster-beaters: six leading child seats for 3 to 12-year-olds...

Balancing safety, practicality and cost to find the most suitable child's car seat is tricky for any parent, so our family of testers put six models...
Pampero Whipper Snapper review

Products: Pampero Whipper Snapper review

the Pampero surprised our testers by scoring very highly in the comfort stakes, according to Arty, despite having what appeared to be a shorter squab...
Products: Cybex Pallas M-Fix child seat review

Products: Cybex Pallas M-Fix child seat

The Cybex scored well in the comfort stakes, too, with plenty of legroom in the back of the Ford S-Max