Products: Cybex Pallas M-Fix child seat review

Products: Cybex Pallas M-Fix child seat review

Cybex Pallas M-Fix

  • RATING: ★★★★☆
  • PRICE: £160
  • AGE RANGE: 9 months to 11 years
  • ISOFIX: Yes
  • BEST FOR: Features
  • BUY AT:

The Cybex Pallas is big on style: “It looks the part,” said Clara. Arty thought it was “cool”, likening it to a computer gaming chair — one major obstacle to getting older children into child seats is persuading them they won’t look silly in front of their peers.

It scored well in the comfort stakes, too, with plenty of legroom in the back of the Ford S-Max, a high up seating position (the squab height can be adjusted), and a reclining and height-adjustable headrest. Despite all this, Arty said he preferred the cheaper Pampero for overall comfort.

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The Cybex is well made, using high-quality materials. The cover looks as though it can’t be removed but its edges are actually concealed neatly within the frame, improving the overall look.

Clara said its ability to recline was useful and she liked the safety features, such as impressive side protection and Isofix connections. It’s also suitable from nine months (with an additional safety cushion insert) to 11 years, so should last the course. However, its size does make it cumbersome and as a result Clara says she might use it only for long journeys.
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