Pampero Whipper Snapper review

Products: Pampero Whipper Snapper review

Review of the Pampero Whipper Snapper child seat

Pampero Whipper Snapper

  • RATING: ★★★☆☆
  • PRICE: £30
  • AGE RANGE: 4-12 years
  • ISOFIX: No
  • BEST FOR: Budget comfort

You might not expect much from a seat that costs £30 but the Pampero surprised our testers by scoring very highly in the comfort stakes, according to Arty, despite having what appeared to be a shorter squab than some.

Clara liked the useful cupholders (they pull out from each side of the squab), and was grateful for its low weight. This made manoeuvring the seat in and out of the car easier, which in turn made it more likely that she would use it.

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Also, the back can be removed, leaving just the squab, so it can be used as a normal booster seat if you get bored with lugging the entire seat around.

There were concerns: it doesn’t fix in place with Isofix, running the belt through the guides is not the easiest here and it appears flimsier than the more expensive seats.

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