Frank Stephenson — designer of McLaren P1, new Mini, Ferrari F430 — to auction sketches from YouTube series

Frank Stephenson, designer of some of the most famous cars of the 21st century, is auctioning off some of his sketches for charity.
McLaren P1 hypercar designer Frank Stephenson has created 'world's safest' baby seat

McLaren P1 designer has created a baby seat

Frank Stephenson's latest project is a series of child seats that incorporate military-grade impact absorption technology and supercar materials.
Domagoj Dukec

BMW design chief: 'You can't please everybody' caught up with Domagoj Dukec at the LA Auto Show to discuss his design roots, his love for all things BMW ... and large grilles.
2018 Smart fortwo headlight close up

Revealed: the most beautiful new car on sale

Carwow claims to have used the scientific method to determine the best-looking car from the 626 models that it says have gone on sale in the UK.
Sunday Times Motor Awards 2019 Best Designed Car of the Year nominee. Peugeot 508

Motor Awards 2019: Best Designed Car nominees

The Sunday Times Motor Awards 2019, Here is the rundown of all the contenders for Best Designed Car of the Year.
BMW brings stunning Garmisch concept car back from the dead

BMW brings classic concept car back from the dead

BMW has paid tribute to the car design legend Marcello Gandini, by rebuilding one of his concept cars that had been lost to history.
2020 BMW 7-series epic grille reactions on Twitter

BMW 7-series 'epic' grille: funniest reactions

The first pictures of the new BMW 7-series have been leaked online, and it has what has been described as an X7-inspired "epic" grille.
Retirement? I'd rather design a supersonic car, says Bloodhound engineer Ron Ayers

The OAP designing the Bloodhound supersonic car

At 85, Ron Ayers enjoys making stained glass windows and drives a Volkswagen Golf at a sensible, “subsonic speed”. He is also the aerodynamicist...
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Test your knowledge: From where did Ford derive the...

Many drivers will remember that Ford used to offer posh versions of its cars under the guise of the Ghia trim level
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Interview: Seat cars design chief on creases, tension...

When you’re the youngest child in a large family, it’s easy to go unnoticed. Seat knows the feeling
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Meet Adrian Newey — Britain's 10-time F1 champ

Adrian Newey has more F1 wins to his name than any other living designer. Now he’s giving you the chance to see the cars that have driven him...
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News: 2015 Skoda Superb aims for Audi quality and desirability

Skoda has revealed details of its upcoming third-generation Superb and says it hopes the upmarket redesign will help propel the model to "the higher...
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News: Jaguar Land Rover will build young car designer’s...

It's a dream come true for budding car designers: Jaguar Land Rover has promised to build the winning entry in a vehicle design competition for school...