2020 BMW 7-series epic grille reactions on Twitter

BMW 7-series 'epic' grille: funniest reactions

Go big or go moan

THE FIRST pictures of the new BMW 7-series have been leaked online, and it has what has been described as an X7-inspired “epic” grille. Epic enough, it seems, to attract significant interest on Twitter. Here are some of the funniest reactions so far.


Give this man a job, BMW


Might cause a snort


When going to Specsavers doesn’t help


A breath of fresh air?


Call that a grille? This is a grille…


Roll up in my grille


Walken clinic


Hell’s belles?


Wagon wheels


The new Nigel Man-series

Pen puller


Economies of scale


Getting in is easy, but getting out…


Back talk


In the interests of balance…


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