Catalytic converter thefts doubled in a year as precious metal values soar

The number of catalytic converter thefts from cars in England, Wales and Northern Ireland more than doubled last year, according to new research.
Rise in rural crime leads to spike in Land Rover Defender thefts

Rise in rural crime leads to Defender thefts

A rise in rural crime has seen thefts of Land Rover Defenders increase by more than a third in just a year.

Met Police only solved 3% of scooter crimes

The Met Police weren't able to solve 97% of crimes by scooter riders — despite the force increasing its capacity to tackle these incidents.

Stolen fire engine chased for 100 miles

Cross-county police officers in California recently arrested two thieves who stole an unusual vehicle: an on-duty fire engine.
This is not a moped

Identifying mopeds and scooters

Recent news reports about "moped gangs" suggests there is some confusion about the definition of moped.

Michael McIntyre performs first show since theft

The stand-up comedian Michael McIntyre has made his first stage performance since being targeted in a ride-by theft earlier this week.
Michael McIntyre robbed during school run by scooter gang — £15k watch stolen

Michael McIntyre robbed on school run by gang

The comedian Michael McIntyre was robbed by two men riding scooters yesterday, while waiting in his car during the school run in North West Londo
'Corsa Cannibals': Vauxhall hatchbacks are being stripped of bodywork by vandals

'Corsa Cannibals': Vauxhalls stripped by vandals

In the 1980s it was VW badges but car vandals today are taking much more substantial — and noticeable — trophies from cars, it seems: entire sect
The best small car with 0% APR: Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiestas at risk of keyless theft by gangs

It's usually upmarket cars such as Range Rovers and BMWs in the news for keyless theft, but now the family favourite Ford Fiesta supermini has be
Modern engines worse for the planet, better for our lungs, says study

Reader Letters: Diesel pollution and Honda praise

Letters to Sunday Times Driving this week include a question over whether buyers should have financial incentives to move away from diesel...
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It's the latest Range Rover anti-theft device...

A surge in the number of car thefts has forced manufacturers to return to an invention that is almost a century old
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Video: Watch CCTV footage of the Red Bull Racing factory...

CCTV footage of the moment ram raiders crash into the factory of the Red Bull Racing F1 team has been released by police
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News: Police stop all luxury car drivers in west London...

After a surge in thefts of high-end cars including Range Rovers, BMWs and Audis police are taking drastic action in central London. From this week...