Modern engines worse for the planet, better for our lungs, says study

Reader Letters: Diesel pollution, car theft and Honda praise

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Petrol persuasion

Giles Smith in his review of the Citroën C3 (First Drive, December 4) concludes that “diesel is so about-to-be-over”. I wish that were the case. I am looking to replace my petrol car and have been surprised at how many popular models are offered in diesel form, in some instances almost to the exclusion of petrol options.

Is it not time, now that we are aware of the consequences of the pollution caused by diesel engines, for the government to create a financial incentive to persuade people not to buy diesel cars?

Allan Bennett, Letchworth, Hertfordshire

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The tracks of my tyres

In April my house was burgled, the keys to my Mercedes GLA 45 taken and the car stolen. Two months later it was found not eight miles away, by which time I had replaced it. Unbelievably, no charges were brought against the people found in the car . Why? Because there was no evidence they had stolen it, apparently. Moral: my new car has a tracker.

Neil Davis, via email

The Jazz stinger

Why is Jeremy Clarkson so negative about the Honda Jazz (“Drop this one in the bin, please, robot”, December 4)? I agree, the touchscreen is a bit difficult to handle but the car is responsive and nippy. My bridge friends are not fat and I keep a golf bag in the boot, not two tartan shopping trolleys.

Jay Roberts, Northwood, London


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