Jeremy Clarkson likes the McLaren GT — but not its looks

The trajectory of Jeremy Clarkson’s car reviews should be familiar to regular Sunday Times Driving readers. He will invariably begin his column..
Jeremy Clarkson on the unglamorous genius of farming equipment

Clarkson: The ugly genius of farming machines

Jeremy Clarkson thinks that agricultural machinery is seriously impressive. It's jut a shame that it's so unattractive....
Jeremy Clarkson’s harvest has been hampered by weather forecasters and Brexit

Jeremy Clarkson’s harvest has been hampered

Jeremy Clarkson isn’t happy about the misconception that God has anything to do with agricultural success.
Clarkson: the Aston Martin DB5 is excellent… to look at

Clarkson: the DB5 is excellent… to look at

Jeremy Clarkson doesn't have the same interest he used to in modern cars, he says. Can a classic Aston pique his interest?
Jeremy Clarkson tries to shear some sheep

Jeremy Clarkson is a hopeless sheep farmer

After a much-needed dose of Jeremy Clarkson’s car reviews last week to end a couple of months of cold turkey, we are back at Diddly Squat farm...
Jeremy Clarkson returns to reviewing cars

Jeremy Clarkson returns to reviewing cars

After a pandemic-prompted hiatus from reviewing cars, Jeremy Clarkson is back behind the wheel of something other than a tractor.
Jeremy Clarkson creates an ecosystem

Jeremy Clarkson has been 'wilding'

Previous attempts to meddle with ecosystems have had mixed results. That was at the back of Jeremy Clarkson's mind as he attempted it himself.
Jeremy Clarkson is an eco-warrior now

Jeremy Clarkson has bought 250,000 bees

A documentary about the importance of bees, a species in decline, has inspired Jeremy Clarkson to take matters into his own hands.
Jeremy Clarkson kills some trees to save a forest

Jeremy Clarkson kills some trees to save a forest

Jeremy Clarkson has had to learn a lot of things over the course of his time as a farmer. Forestry is just one with which he is struggling.
Jeremy Clarkson takes a stab at water divining

Clarkson found pipes on his land through dowsing

This week, we’ve been treated to another chapter in what is becoming a saga in Jeremy Clarkson’s life: his quest to grow vegetables on his farm.
Jeremy Clarkson experiments with power tools

Clarkson has been playing with a chainsaw

Gardening has been one of the most taken up hobbies over the lockdown period. If you own a forest, however, it becomes a bit more difficult.
Range Rover gets a limited edition for its 50th birthday

Range Rover gets limited edition for 50th birthday

It's the original luxury SUV, associated with footballers, actors and anyone else who doesn’t have to worry about resale value.
Clarkson: farmers “screwed” by Agriculture Bill

Clarkson: Farmers 'screwed' by Agriculture Bill

Jeremy Clarkson has bemoaned the administrative overload of farming in more than one of his columns. This week, he's got a grudge to bear.