US police pursue stolen fire engine across California

Pursuit lasted for almost 100 miles

CROSS-COUNTY police officers in California recently arrested two thieves who stole an unusual vehicle: an on-duty fire engine.

After being swiped from the scene of a fire being tackled by the Metro Fire of Sacramento Fire Department, the stolen truck would end up being pursued for almost 100 miles, in a police chase lasting roughly two hours.

On top of crossing a good chunk of California, the pursuit also featured many law enforcement officers from across the state.

A tweet by the Metro Fire of Sacramento service confirmed the California Highway Patrol and at least five county police departments were involved in bringing the fire engine thieves to justice.

Thankfully, no police officers, pedestrians or other road users were harmed in the pursuit. The Metro Fire team has also confirmed it plans top put the stolen fire engine back into service, after being assessed for any damage that may have been sustained in the robbery.

Credit: Bobby O’Reiley via Storyful