UK start-up Urban-Air Port to open 200 flying taxi hubs globally over five years

Urban-Air Port, a start-up specialising in infrastructure for “future air mobility” plans to open 200 flying taxi and cargo drone hubs globally.
Clive Sutton VIP taxi

'World’s most luxurious black cab' unveiled

Clive Sutton, has revealed the full specification of what is being billed as the “world’s most luxurious black cab.”
Amazon-owned Zoox unveils self-driving taxi

Amazon-owned Zoox unveils self-driving 'Robotaxi'

Zoox, the autonomous taxi company owned by online marketplace Amazon, has unveiled its self-driving vehicle.
Cabbies hail new electric taxi but call on government to help drivers switch from diesel

Government must help cabbies switch from diesel

The body representing licensed cabbies has welcomed the new Dynamo electric taxi but says government must act to help diesel drivers switch.
Magic Dynamo? First pure-electric black cab for 120 years launched in London

Pure-electric black cab launched in London

A new pure-electric black cab has been launched in London, bringing officially-licenced zero-emission ‘Hackney Carriages’ to the capital.

OK Google, er, cancel the driverless taxi

AI can imitate speech — and pauses — but in unpredictable arenas such as conversation and driving it is still liable to come a cropper.
London's electric black cab turns beige for launch in Germany

New electric London taxi launched in Germany

Berlin's traditional beige Mercedes taxis could soon become an uncommon sight on the city's streets after the launch of the iconic London cab
Uber drivers accused of boosting fares by selling passengers drugs

Uber drivers accused of selling drugs

Customers of Uber have reported being offered drugs by drivers as concern grows over how the service could be used to mask the distribution...
Budweiser says 'don't be a pillock', offers free Uber rides to Christmas Eve drinkers

Budweiser offers free Uber rides on Christmas Eve

Budweiser is offering a free ride home on Christmas Eve to customers of Uber, the app-based taxi firm, as part of its Get Home Safe campaign...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

Ford's Uber-rivalling Go Ride taxi service to come...

The Uber taxi service is set to face serious competition with the impending launch of Ford’s new GoRide project...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

UberCommute ride sharing lets strangers split taxi...

Uber has already enraged taxi drivers by helping private drivers turn themselves into part-time cabbies
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

Driverless taxis tested in Arizona

Uber has struck a deal in America to test its driverless cars on public roads without backup drivers on board. It offers a glimpse of a future in...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

London taxi factory to get a feng-shui makeover

London taxi drivers are not renowned for their holistic world-view or ability to harmonise their environment