UK roads melt during UK heatwave

Local councils perform emergency works as increasing temperatures cause some road surfaces to melt.
Unfilled pothole

'Huge' pothole repair budget disparities by region

UK councils are calling for greater government support, after a new study shows London hugely benefits from disproportionate road repair funding.
Highways England has its eyes set on autonomous dump trucks

Highways England trials self-driving dump trucks

Highways England has begun field trials of a self-driving dump truck at the construction of a new bypass in Cambridgeshire.
Smart motorway roadworks speed limit to increase from 50mph to 60mph

Motorway works speed limit to increase to 60mph

The speed limit through smart motorway roadworks will be increased from 50mph to 60mph as part of a number of updates planned by Highways England
Fine mess: new £2500 penalty reduces roadwork delays

Fine mess: £2,500 penalty reduces roadwork delays

Plans to make utility companies and council contractors pay up to £2,500 a day to dig up roads at peak times are hoped to reduce congestion.
Road workers get combat training after attacks rise

Road workers get combat training after attacks ris

Road workers are being taught military close-combat skills after some reported being shot at, driven at and threatened with machetes and baseball
Promised fines for ‘ghost roadworks’ vanish into thin air

Promised fines for ‘ghost roadworks’ vanish

Utility companies have persuaded ministers to retreat from plans to impose fines on them for abandoning roadworks over the weekend after complain
Back from rock bottom: Andy Wilman on how The Grand Tour was born

Quiz: Remember 2016's motoring highs and lows?

2016 flashed by like a Ferrari on a joyride. Take our quiz and see how much you remember of the year's big events
Fines for unmanned roadworks in government crackdown on traffic chaos

Fines for unmanned roadworks in government crackdown...

The misery of sitting in a traffic jam at roadworks only to notice that no work is being carried out could end thanks to a government crackdown on...
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High Street closed: follow 32-mile diversion

Wiltshire council is being accused of lacking common sense after designing a 32-mile diversion to avoid just 300 yards of roadworks
Roadworks send drivers on 18-mile diversion

Fuming motorists sent on 18-mile detour to avoid roadworks

Motorists in Suffolk are being driven round the bend by council workers who have created an elaborate 18-mile diversion
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News: UK's worst roadworks hotspots revealed

If you ever get the feeling that Britain’s roads are awash with roadworks, temporary traffic lights and contraflows, the bad news is you’re right...
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News: Man builds toll road to help motorists avoid...

A businessman has built a mini-bypass to allow frustrated motorists to avoid a blocked road, and is charging them £2 to use it.