Car designer Ian Callum on customisations, autonomous vehicles and cars all looking the same

The way a car looks, feels and behaves will remain important to people, according to the car designer, Ian Callum.
Citroen to introduce British sign language across its retail operations

Grey is most popular new car colour

Grey has topped the list of the most popular colours for new cars in the UK for the fourth year in a row according to new figures by the SMMT.

How to repair scratches and scuffs

After one of our own cars was involved in a low-speed scrape, Driving got in touch with ChipsAway to witness the specialist repair process...
These are the 10 safest cars you can buy right now

2019 was a grey year in the UK ... for car buyers

One in five new cars sold in the UK last year were painted grey, according to the latest figures released by the SMMT.
These were UK's most popular used cars in 2018

Revealed: the most popular new car colours

Motorists play it safe when it comes to car colour choice, according to analysis of new car searches.
Revealed: most popular car colours of 2017

Revealed: most popular car colours of 2017

Has the gloomy economic outlook rubbed off on Britain’s car buyers? Industry figures for the most popular new car colour show that...
Reader Letters: Electric car reviews, paint and age-based insurance hikes, and dieselgate groups

Reader Letters: EVs, insurance hikes & dieselgate

It was great to read a review of the Tesla Model S. Giles Smith mentioned the growing national charging network, but in future, in order to...
Reader Letters: Mobile distractions, lucky colours and ageist insurers

Reader Letters: Mobile hazards and ageist insurers

Roger Grosvenor asked why it was permissible to drive a tourist coach while holding a mike but not to use a mobile in a car...
Bentley continental gt speed interior

Reader Letters: USBs, brown paint and car hire

I agree with Jeremy Clarkson’s comments on the antiquated entertainment system in the new Bentley Continental GT Speed...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

White wins the popularity contest with British drivers

It was once synonymous with UN Land Cruisers bringing aid to famine-hit regions of the world but today, white is the colour most likely to be seen...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

How can I remove sap without damaging paintwork?

Q. How can I remove tree sap without damaging my VW Golf’s black paintwork? MB, Aberford, Leeds