Bentley continental gt speed interior

Reader Letters: In-car USB ports, "Adventure Brown" and hire-car ire

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Bentley continental gt speed interior

Behind the beat

I agree with Jeremy Clarkson’s comments on the antiquated entertainment system in the new Bentley Continental GT Speed (“Yo, homey, it’s an iDinosaur”, August 28). Likewise, in my year-old Audi Q5 the CD player is compatible only with memory cards formatted for Windows, it has no USB and will not display song titles when linked to an iPhone via Bluetooth. For such an expensive car, this is disappointing.

Stuart Freeman, via email


Missed connection

Clarkson bemoans the lack of USB on the Bentley. My Land Rover Discovery has a USB port. My wife’s Toyota Aygo has one too. Even my caravan has a USB (yes, I know). But can someone tell me what they are for?

John Tapley, North Hykeham, Lincolnshire


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Coloured view

Clarkson says that Seat tries to “jazz up” the colour of the Leon X-Perience by calling it Adventure Brown (Worst cars of the past year, August 21). In fact my Seat brochure calls it Adventure Bronze. I won’t tell you what my wife calls it.

Martin Henfield, Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester


No substitute

A Volkswagen Golf, says Clarkson, is the answer to every sensible motoring question. I agree: I drive one. So imagine my disappointment when on a holiday in Switzerland at the hire-car desk to pick up my “Golf or equivalent” I was presented with the keys to a Renault Captur. The look on my face told the representative all she needed to know.

Richie Hawkins, Darlington