What is the sixth sense?

We have sight, sound, smell, touch and taste, but could there one day be a sixth sense? Five pioneers predict our future and attempt to answer...
We’d be lost without GPS, says head of Royal Institute of Navigation

We’d be lost without GPS, says head of RIN

Two things keep Britain’s navigation scientists awake at night. The first is nefarious plots by the Kremlin to bring down critical GPS infrastruc

Follow your nose: the science of smell (ad)

In the fourth of our series on how technology is being inspired by the senses, Audi discovers why an ‘odour artist’ wants us to smell the world.
Waymo is first to operate driverless cars on public roads

Waymo first with driverless cars on public roads

The driverless car is edging closer to a showroom near you.  Waymo, Google's driverless car division, is believed to have become the first compan
Andrew Steel, DNAFit: You really are what you eat: the nutrition plan that's based on your DNA

You really are what you eat (ad)

In the second of our series on how technology is taking inspiration from our senses, Audi explores the link between taste and genetics.
Opinion: If Uber is worth what the investors claim, I’ll eat my brake pads

Uber licence not renewed in London

Ride-hailing firm Uber is "not fit and proper" to be a private hire operator, according to Transport for London (TfL)...
Reader Letters: Electric car questions, flat batteries, road tax vigilantes and are parking brakes on automatics necessary?

Reader Letters: Electric car and tax vigilantes

"The government’s plan to ban the sale of pure diesel and petrol cars from 2040 sounds ambitious to me. Will there be sufficient power..."
Reader Letters: Air-con recirculate, diesel additives, spare wheels and VW Underworld

Reader Letters: Spare wheels and AdBlue

I’ve just bought a new(ish) Honda Civic and was disappointed to find there is no spare wheel or space-saver. I understand that, in case of...

12 things drivers should not leave in a hot car

When it’s just 22°C outside, it can reach 47°C inside a car within 60 minutes. These are the things you should leave inside.
New microprocessor steers British company towards driverless cars

New chip steers company towards driverless cars

Britain’s biggest tech company has unveiled a new microprocessor targeted at emerging technologies, including driverless cars.
Uber launches investigation after tech worker exposes ‘culture of sexism’

Tech worker exposes ‘culture of Uber sexism’

Silicon Valley executives like to think of themselves as disrupting tradition. But in certain respects, some seem to remain in the dark ages...
Ford's digital map to warn drivers of potholes

Ford's digital map to warn drivers of potholes

A digital map of Britain’s roads will be created to give motorists advanced warning of dangerous potholes.
Diesel motorists face variable charges based on emissions and aggressiveness

Diesel drivers face variable charges

Drivers of dirty diesel cars could be charged a variable fee based on the pollution they emit under proposals being considered...